I used to be a Republican, but the Arizona Republican Party has gone crazy. First it was the voter conspiracy, “Stop the Steal.” Then it was the efforts to get the Attorney General and others to change the results of the presidential election. Several court cases alleging fraud were dismissed for lack of evidence. Then it was the repeated audits of Maricopa County votes that showed no fraud.

Next came a pile of bills to change the voting process to solve the “fraud” problem that was never shown to exist. Finally, the Republican legislature has ordered another audit of Maricopa votes for president and Senate.

This audit was doomed from the beginning; a waste of our money. They hired a prominent pro-Trump conspiracy theorist from Florida, Cyber Ninjas, to do the audit even though they have zero experience or expertise in auditing (none). An auditor should be neutral and experienced.

The audit is underway. Reporters are barred from observing the process. Why? On the first day a reporter, working as an observer, noticed that audit workers had blue pens. The state rules do not allow blue pens, only red, because they can be used to alter a ballot. The head of Cyber Ninjas claimed that he did not know that this was against state law. Really? How can these guys be trusted when they do not even know the law? I do not want my vote changed, no matter who I voted for. This “audit” cannot be trusted.

John Kavanagh, our representative, is one of the proponents of all this conspiracy theory stuff. John, it is time to give up this voter challenge effort in its many forms, accept the results of the election and work on solutions for the control and recovery from COVID.