History is written by the victors. Truth is often the last casualty.

Dennis Brown was the subject of a recent news article recounting his service as a councilmember and other contributions to the town. While the article was quite flattering, one misrepresentation should not go without correction.

The topic was the firing of the town attorney in 2017. The scheme relates back to 2015 and perhaps earlier. Three members of Town Council were unhappy with the town manager and the town attorney. Why? Because they required developers to follow the rules.

The motive and the plan were laid out by Dennis Brown in a 9/23/2015 email. They had forced out the town manager. They needed one more vote to purge the town attorney.

“We have changed town manager three times in the past seven years, and for the first time I feel we have a manager that is trying to work with the developers…but I don’t feel we have a town attorney…that is participating to help the town move forward.”

They could not convince a fourth councilmember to fire the town attorney. The solution: Help elect a compliant candidate in the 2016 Town Council election. That candidate was elected and became the fourth vote.

The firing came in a dubious 2017 confrontation that was criticized by this newspaper. Brown claims it was because, “it was time to make a change.” Records show that the plan was crafted at least as early as 2015. Records show the “change” was because the town attorney was disfavored by developers. He held them to the rules.

Dennis Brown deserves credit for his years of service. Concealing the facts about firing the town attorney is a benefit he does not deserve to carry into retirement.