As a member of the Fountain Hills Sanitary District’s Board of Directors, I appreciated the positive comments recently made by former Mayor Linda Kavanagh regarding the District (“Fire break” Oct. 28).

She noted that District staff had gone above and beyond the expected in clearing an access road to the sewers in the Tumbleweed Wash. Our crew not only performed their designated tasks, but also cleared dead trees and dried bushes that posed a potential fire hazard to nearby homes. All in a day’s work!

While the work performed by the Sanitary District is, by its nature, anything but glamorous, it is essential. Our staff knows that their work is important to our town and who we serve. They do an exceptional job and make outstanding service a commonplace virtue.

Even though the members of the district’s board know how truly extraordinary our staff is, it is always nice to hear accolades from a member of the community. Linda further noted that our people are “always respectful and friendly while working behind our homes.” That is nice to hear. Thank you for your kind words, Mayor. They are appreciated.