By now I’m sure everyone has seen the big blue signs proclaiming another miracle for Fountain Hills. “Millions in revenue for the town.” It’s never happened and won’t this time, either.

First, it was the Target center. That sales tax revenue was going to save us all. Didn’t happen and now it’s 70 percent empty. Then along came Park Place. Didn’t happen. Most of that commercial space is empty and, while the land is scrubbed for phase three, don’t hold your breath.

Now we have Daybreak. Millions! Where? How? Eighty-year-olds don’t eat out when there is a dining hall where they are fed. They don’t typically shop downtown, either. Rent revenue? Exaggerated! Don’t be surprised when they turn into condos and there is zero rent revenue.

So, we have established lie number one.

“More open space.” How can there be more open space than totally open, as it is now? Further, who wouldn’t give up a little open space if the top of the hill wasn’t going to be blown off and the dirt pushed down into the arroyo, creating scarring for the next 30-40 years? Now that’s lie number two.

The third lie is the lie that every developer tells us. “They are doing it for our town.” Ha! Developers develop to make money. That’s OK, just don’t try to sugarcoat it. Now, good projects may end up as a benefit, but that’s not the motive. The motive is profit for them, not well-being for us.

And these two, Jeremy Hall and Neil Ginsberg, are just like all the rest. They don’t live here. Why not? If we are so great out here, come join us. Of course they haven’t and never will.

The louder they scream it’s for us, remember what it is; lie number three. No on Daybreak.