With the current (and seemingly never ending) challenges the town government of Fountain Hills faces, now might be the right time to consider a conversation with the City of Scottsdale about potentially annexing Fountain Hills (thus disbanding our town government).

Scottsdale just might be able to offer our community a more cost-effective government, greater financial stability, enhanced amenities, as well as major name recognition and the advantages that come with it.

As far as taxes are concerned, Scottsdale has a lower local government sales tax rate than Fountain Hills, and property taxes between the two seem to be somewhat comparable. (Scottsdale will be having a bond election in November.) Of course, actual comparisons of taxes, fees, codes, policies, effects on municipal services, etc., (and the results a combined municipality would have on them), would all have to be thoroughly researched, in addition to municipal disincorporation and annexation legalities.

All in all, now just might be the right time to give this idea some thought.