Make no mistake in your understanding, anarchy is an unlawful attempt at changing our government. Democracy changes government at the ballot box and not by throwing boxes through windows. Looting, rioting, burning and tearing down historical statues are not the way.

Anarchy cannot be tolerated in any form. Lawless confusion and political disorder are not a quiet, relaxed tradition. Neither is it a balance point. Confusion and disorder is inherently unbalanced and now a very grave concern. Anarchy can precede revolution.

Mutiny by states’ governors is an especially dangerous form of anarchy. With end of government caused by anarchy, there are unintended consequences. There are more unintended consequences to any act, be it a good or a bad act, than can be imagined; Murphy’s Law.

Anarchists cannot stop themselves. Then it necessarily becomes government’s job to stop them. “Disband the police,” are words from the mouths of anarchists.

Former Vice President Biden has disavowed himself from “disband the police.” President Trump has more positively stated, “There will be no disbanding of police.”

The mental lack of ability of anarchists is alarming and cannot be reconciled. That mental lack can be summed up as extreme emotional irrationality.

Anarchists break; they do not make anything.

“Not every dunce wears his or her dunce cap.” Aphoristically a good thing to know when observing anarchists in their corrupt behaviors.

Always be a few steps ahead of anarchists. “Satan, get thee behind me.” You hear me, Satan? I need not repeat.