As a Democrat, I would like to respond to Rick Dime’s “Battleground” letter of Nov. 20. He made an abundance of assumptions that portray Democrats as a “danger to the Republic.” I do not consider myself as such.

As a citizen, my chief ambition is not to establish “full control of a socialist society,” but it is to work toward one that provides equal opportunity for education, equal pay for equal work, mutual respect and fair-share taxation. I’m not mounting a “discomforting onslaught” on the Constitution to take away the rights of our Republic. Quite the contrary, unless you consider fighting for voting rights, the right to health care or the right of a woman to make her own choices as taking away rights.

Yes, America continues to be a battleground for justice. The most prominent example is playing out right now in our House of Representatives. I don’t see myself as an “internal enemy” attacking your liberty and freedom. I seek freedom and equal rights for all.

While I agree that many millennials are faced with an avalanche of student debt, I hardly attribute that to “liberal academia.” We, as a nation, have to assess how valuable education is to our society, and then finance it so our children are not burdened.

I am not “luring illegal immigrants” into the country to “supplant” our students. That is preposterous. Moreover, I do not consider the mere 3.4 percent of our population that is undocumented/illegal to be a threat to our students, nor to our economy. I am much more concerned about domestic terrorism and hate groups.

My American Dream leans toward peaceful coexistence and not toward the fear of my neighbor. We Democrats, just like Republicans, love this country and want only the best for all its people.