If your preference is to live in a densely populated American megacity, you have that option. If you prefer spacious skies, amber fields of grain, purple mountain majesties, or the fruited plains, they also abound from sea to shining sea. America the beautiful is where hungry souls long to be.

America is the world’s dreamland sanctuary of hope and opportunity. When the gate is illegally opened migrants rush in by the millions. The immigrant dream is to live free, to imagine, to believe, to prosper, to love.

Wealthy globalists from all continents dream of owning their own exclusive American kingdom and to indulge in unbounded decadence served to them by a proletariat underclass. The globalist dream is aristocratic affluence.

These two dreams are not compatible, as neither equality or equity is sustainable between a tiny ruling class and massive attendant class. Socialized welfare states always bring poverty upon their masses. Social states release violent military coups that suppress freedom fighters opposing tyranny.

Migrant families make smooth transition into a new language and culture through the process of legal immigration. When unchecked, immigration explodes via illegal mandates, America’s melting pot boils over. Neighborhoods, schools, jobs and hospitals become overpopulated and tension rises.

The uncontrolled influx of millions of migrants appears to be a planned strategy to break America’s democracy by increasing poverty, homelessness and unhealthy living conditions. These unwholesome conditions are already too high, the increasing trend points to failure, but the mandates go on.

Globalists are forcing a two-class social state ruled by an extremely wealthy aristocracy served by an easy to control welfare class. Tyrannical mandates of globalist aimed to shrink middle-class property owners out of existence are failing.

Factual history is the true teacher while narratives are fabricated to fit an ideology. That deception is over!