It’s natural for us to desire to be safe and to be in good health. This desire applies not only to us personally, but also to our family, and especially our children.

As a parent, providing a safe environment and preserving the health of my children is my responsibility and a moral obligation. As a family medicine physician for over 30 years, it has been my responsibility and obligation to protect the health of my patients and provide them with advice on how to prevent accidents, injuries and illness, and maintain good health.

In recent years, we have heard and read about the “opioid crisis,” and the toll it takes on those who are addicted, their families, their friends, and on society in general. It is a terrible problem, often ending with terrible consequences. Addiction is a horrible condition, whether it be to opioids, alcohol, or other agents. Addiction takes control over the individual and becomes more important than family, friends or health. It is a clear and present threat to our safety and health, especially the safety and health of our children and our teens.

Marijuana is an addictive drug, with THC as the addictive component. In the 1960s, the percentage of THC in marijuana was around 3 percent. Now, that percentage is often as high as 60 percent and even more in some concentrated forms. The higher the percentage of THC, the higher the risk of addiction.

Marijuana is commonly marketed in edible form, with names and packaging clearly targeted to children. There is proof that the younger one is exposed to an addictive substance, the higher the risk of developing addiction and all its consequences.

Protect us, protect our children, protect our teens. Vote no on Proposition 207.