It’s time to say goodbye to Jay Lawrence. Do we really want someone representing us that is either backpedaling or apologizing for misspeaking – i.e. supporting the Qanon group when he had no idea who/what they represented – talking about gun violence and laying the problem at the door of the “black and brown communities,” saying they are better armed than the police, and he doesn’t want any refugee population in Arizona because they will ruin the state, which he followed with, “Call me a bigot, whatever you want, I just think it’s best for the state of Arizona.”

Have you seen the sign, “It’s Time for a Teacher?” Wake up, because that is exactly who we need. Someone who is well-spoken, educated and researches the issues before he comments. That person is Eric Kurland, a former teacher and my choice to represent me in the Arizona State House, District 23. Vote for Eric Kurland!