As I write this, the election results are not yet available, but I have a plea to all. This has been the most contentious, nasty, vile and expensive election I have ever experienced.

The paid ads were rife with misinformation, disinformation and outright falsehoods, and the media outlets, rolling in the proceeds, claim the federal rules prohibit verification of content. I do not believe the framers of the rules regarding election advertising had this in mind. Claims and counterclaims flying about at every level above contests for dog catcher. Campaign signs stolen or destroyed, vehicles displaying bumper stickers vandalized, friends who are no longer friends and, the worst, people wearing political colors physically attacked in public places. In short, I feel that we and a large portion of the national population acted as if they were 9-year-old boys, having it out on the playground at recess.

My plea is simple; let’s put this all behind us and take the results at face value and get on with making our town the happy and beautiful place we all fell in love with once more. For example, if you dislike the idea that the Chamber is hosting the fall art fair, simply don’t go! We have enough on our plate in the continuing battle with the COVID-19 virus and keeping the economy from tanking. We may not be able to dramatically affect the national mood, but we can restore Fountain Hills to the positive place we once knew.