This week’s Fountain Hills Times had a few items that caught my eye.

In a photo, Mayor Dickey is shown still wearing a mask. Really, is she continuing to enforce masking in Town facilities? It’s time to give up the mandates; if some folks have health concerns, then stay home or put on a personal mask if you wish, it’s your choice.

Having spent the summer away I was startled when returning to see buildings going up and then read the Times article on the Havenly development located across from Town Hall. I agree the project will bring needed residents to downtown, but here's my issue. I was a Maricopa County Planning and Zoning commissioner, so I recognized some concerning aspects of the project. The zero setbacks on the perimeter are ridiculous, buildings look like they are falling onto the street. Plus, two-story structures have been built on the perimeter, making for viewless corridors.

According to the Times’ article, 147 dwelling units are planned. Adjusting the 16-acre parcel minimally to allow for public areas, roads, etc., the number of acreage to be built on is much lower, resulting in quite a density of dwelling units per acre. And, again, we have rentals, which makes for a transient population.

Then I read Bob Shelstrom’s letter to the editor with his research on the matter of the Nov. 2 override election. Reality, is Fountain Hills’ school district is losing students, plus the report card on its educational work product is not the best. Families want top-notch education for their children and will make that a determinant in selecting where to live. The district needs to explore merging with Scottsdale in order to deliver a quality education product to our high-end, educated community. Spending more and expecting a different outcome is insanity.