I have watched too long while politicians served themselves first and not the people. This was evident by the actions they took and not the words they used.

Almost every campaign season, candidates begin attacking their opponents personally versus discussing the issues that matter most to voters. If we want unity and civility in our nation, then we need to stick to the policy and not insult the other person – often these false attacks go without consequence.

Well, the people have a choice. We can either continue voting for these tired antics or we vote for true leaders that bring outside experience from business to the table. I am proud of my conservative values and understand that these values have made Arizona great. I will fight to keep our taxes low, use common sense business policies to grow our economy, protect educational freedom, increase funding directly to our classrooms and teachers – not to bureaucrats – keep our neighborhoods safe and ensure we have top-quality healthcare.

My Democrat opponent says he understands our values but in the same breath supports bigger government, higher taxes, heavy business regulations, removing educational freedom, weakening our law enforcement and teaching children as young as seven sexually suggestive material in school. He is against our Second Amendment rights and is supported by organizations that are pushing Prop 208 – the largest tax increase in Arizona state history.

We do not want failed progressive policies from states like California ruining Arizona and our State House will determine that. I have fought to defend my family and strong community reputation from vile attacks and I will continue fighting to preserve and protect our republic for all of us. I appreciate your vote.