I’m writing this letter to offer my complete endorsement to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his bid to be the next Mayor of Fountain Hills.

Ginny Dickey has been an advocate for the town for as long as I’ve known her; since the 1990s, when my kids attended school with her children. For decades, she has championed the town as volunteer, as School Board member, as Town Council member and now as Mayor. She represents us positively …

A movement is afoot to tar and feather our current mayor, blaming her for every shortcoming – real, or perceived – experienced in our community. Never a good word in sight.

I have known Cindy Couture for many years, and she exemplifies the type of person we want on our Town Council. She never shies away from volunteering to help on town projects including the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Dark Sky events and student art contest, Make a Difference Day and Fountain Hi…

Fountain Hills has been my home for 33 years. I love this town.

Our two major parties are at a standstill in narrowing the gap between them. Whether it’s the “docile Democrats” not upholding the rule of law or “gaslighting Republicans” with their alternative facts, they are almost totally compromised. The Department of Justice and the Judiciary have felt…

I would recommend that the Mayor and Town Council consider hiring a professional grant writer, preferably on contract to help finance town improvements and to free up department heads to attend to their pressing day-to-day matters serving the people of Fountain Hills.

One of the many advantages of living in Fountain Hills is that we are not a part of the Valley, geographically, and enjoy much cleaner air. Lately, however, there is an increasing brown cloud of partisan pollution, unnecessarily degrading our quality of life here.

In response to the comments by Sherri James, let’s be clear about a couple of things. Every political group is not invited back to the fairs.

If you’re paying attention to the news, you’re hearing or reading that, in many places, the “Rule of Law” no longer appears to be a rule to be respected and enforced.

A developer’s request to the NPOA to disregard a deed restriction at Log Lane was denied, as was his follow-up request for a variance (5/12/22). Faced with this defeat, the developer has withdrawn his Subdivision Plat Request to Town Hall.

I attended the Town of Fountain Hills Council meeting Tuesday, May 3, as a resident of Fountain Hills of over 40 years. In the spirit of transparency, I am also a member of the Planning and Zoning commission.

I have attended a number of Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings over the past year and a half.

Voting to reelect Ginny Dickey as Mayor of Fountain Hills is the only reasonable action for voters who care about Fountain Hills.

There are many positive things that I can say about Cindy Couture and why she is a great choice for Town Council. I will simply focus on what she represents that is important to me.

I would like to share my observations regarding the three conservative candidates running for Town Council.

I am dismayed by the nasty partisan, anti-Couture letters I have been reading.

Responding to Sherri James’ support for Democrats, I cannot give a rebuttal because my wife and I came here from Colorado Springs a year ago, but I offer this for consideration. In any U.S. election, candidates are typically put forth by the two main political parties, and so must support th…

This has been a turbulent, but oftentimes rewarding year for our town. Often, hidden agendas have gotten in the way of some decisions made. There is, and has always been, one person who always spoke the truth; no hidden agenda, no wishy-washy answer that said nothing. That person is Ginny Dickey.

In response to Sherri James’ letter, I never said woke Liberal Democrats were bad people, I said their ideology was wrongheaded, destroying America from President Biden down to town councils and school boards.

For the upcoming mayoral election, it should be a no-brainer.

In what unconstitutional bureaucracy does out Town government exist? I’m referring to political speech, words intended to directly rally public support for a particular issue, position or candidate.

2022 and another election season is looming. As a conservative voter, I am mindful of certain things. Among them is the conviction that winning is not filling seats with Republicans. Winning is only getting the passed legislation and policies that we want and expect.

Midshipmen at Annapolis are kicked out of the U.S. Navy for breaking the Academy’s Honor Code, known as the Honor Concept, which prohibits midshipmen from lying, cheating and stealing.

“The Manchurian Candidate,” a 1960s thriller, involves the son of a longstanding U.S. political family. The son, after being brainwashed by communists, becomes a pawn planted inside a conspiracy to corrupt, then control, the presidency of the United States.

Survey: What worries you the most these days?

Abortion may be a slippery slope for gays.

The wonderful thing about being elderly and retired is that I have the luxury of taking time to ponder things for which I previously never did. Thinking about Mother’s Day, I figured out why I respect and honor all mothers, even those who may not have turned out to be the greatest.

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent from the Mayor of Zamosc, Poland, Andrzej (Andrew) Wnuk, to Christine Colley, Fountain Hills Sister Cities president, for the town's financial assistance for Ukraine refugees. To date, Fountain Hills has contributed $27,700 to its Sister City, Zamosc.

Timely delivery for urgent need is the only true and valid test for a committed and worthy public servant. John Kavanaugh recognized the need and delivered for his community by his action to promote and obtain the $2.5 million Arizona State Grant for construction of the International Dark Sk…

People choose to live in Fountain Hills because it is a very special place. One reason we have a high quality of life is the wise management of our town resources. The people we select to make these important decisions need to be carefully considered. For the past four years our Town Council…

A primary theme in my several letters to The Times describes the need to know and understand how the State’s rules and regulations control how the Town may generate and spend its monies. It is not like sitting down to your kitchen table and making a budget for managing your personal income. …

Nearly 20 years ago Fountain Hills became “My Town.” The discoveries of the exotic beauties and mysteries of the desert were followed by introductions to residents who I discovered share a universal volunteer spirit to perpetuate this unique community. Friendly, welcoming faces have always g…

The election for the Town Council will be held on Aug. 2. The Town Council governs the community and determines Town policy and finances. The councilmember should have the following characteristics:

I would like to refer to two recent letters.

Republicans in this town enjoy a majority over Democrats and Independents and some use that fact to bully anyone who is not like them. Lately, I’ve noticed that they are encouraging people to vote according to party affiliation, not based on qualifications, or character. They use buzzwords t…

Another councilman has stepped up to disparage citizens of Fountain Hills and proclaim superior knowledge over them.

Congratulations to Councilmember Michael Scharnow on his opinion piece in this week’s Fountain Hills Times. He gives a concise, lucid description of the complex issues that the Council and other Town employees must confront when dealing with decisions involving people with substance abuse di…

Once again someone who “cares,” Mike Scharnow, is self-righteously condemning me for living in the “glass house” I worked hard to earn. Stigmatizing words such as “bias” are intended to shame me into silence. But here’s the thing: Every time I remain silent, I am the loser.

Truth in reporting requires properly addressing the findings from the recent ethics complaint filed against Dickey, McMahon and Magazine, but unfortunately lacking to date.

On Tuesday night, April 26, we were driving home from dinner at 9:30 p.m. to find that the police had totally closed Shea Boulevard at 136th Street due to a rollover car accident. We, and numerous other vehicles, were told we would have to wait several hours or find an alternate route.

I was shocked to read in last week’s Times that the Fountain Hills Sanitary District wants another quarterly increase in billing from $87 to $93 effective in July.

In last week’s edition of The Fountain Times, Sheila Corzine writes that she is “shocked” to learn that Fountain Hills has “no affordable housing programs.” She feels a need to do something about this.

It has taken me a while to stop shaking my head in disbelief over the recent words of President Biden when he read off his script. “Democrats didn’t cause this problem. Vladimir Putin did,” Biden said of the Russian President. “Putin’s gas tax has pushed prices higher.”

How ignorant is post-1945 mankind? Very!

The federal government is proposing an agency to prevent “misinformation.” Sounds like a wonderful idea, with one qualification. Who gets to decide what information is true?

Tech giants, Apple and Google, are effectively blocking competition and innovation by new and upstart app designers. The tech giants require apps for wireless phones be available exclusively through their app stores. Many commercial transactions made via those apps are then burdened with sub…

Recent comments by Councilmembers Alan Magazine (at the April 5 Council meeting) and Michael Scharnow (“My Opinion” in the April 27 edition of The Fountain Hills Times) are way out of line.

My name is Brenda Kalivianakis and I am running for Town Council. I believe my experience as an attorney, business owner and United States Coast Guard auxiliarist will serve me well to represent the citizens on Fountain Hills. If the good people of Fountain Hills elect me to serve, below you…

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