My name is Anna Fett and I am doing a community service project for school. I have chosen to collect donations for Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, a foster home in Mesa for more than 2,000 children since 1954.

I disagree with Councilman Spelich’s assertion at the Feb. 16 council meeting that the town’s role to comment on legislative bills affecting schools was not its purview. Ask any realtor – schools define Fountain Hills; thus, council has the right.

Each election produces hundreds of roadside political signs blanketing our streets and intersections, well beyond any reasonable standards. The politicians get a pass on this pollution because our State Legislators ruled that towns cannot limit the number of political signs or their content.

It was with much chagrin that I read the article about the town advisory positions opening so that citizens can take an “active” role in town government.

It’s been almost one year since we experienced the first wave of government and business reactions to COVID-19. Whether it was wearing a mask or face covering, keeping a distance from others, the widespread cancellation of gatherings, forced closure of businesses, loss of employment or outri…

Too many Arizona taxpayers have been victim to unemployment insurance benefits falsely claimed in their names.

A flurry of letters hit The Fountain Hills Times recently, all aimed squarely at Rep. John Kavanagh, and came zooming in from the far left. The Fountain Hills grassroots arm of the Democrat party, self-proclaimed as the Liberal Ladies, hammered John for being Republican and for having the au…

John Kavanagh is sponsoring HB2551, which allows people with concealed weapons permits to bring weapons into our town’s library, community center and other public buildings unless electronic screening devices are outfitted at every public entrance.

As the town approaches the opening of the medical center on Saguaro and Trevino, I think it is about time everyone hear the story of how the town staff and council have thrown the neighboring residents under the bus to accommodate this group who has done nothing but break promises to the nei…

The governor of Florida recently ordered the flags to half-staff for Rush Limbaugh, with his recent demise. I wonder how many Americans who are older remember his “Aids Update” segment that mocked the deaths of gay people. I sure do!

Many thanks to the Stitchers of Hope and family friends for coming to the aid of the Fox family these last few weeks. God has blessed us and we are greatly appreciative.

This morning, my beloved dog was hit hard in the head by an out-of-control flying disc. He yelped like he had been hit by a car. We were walking on the sidewalk in Fountain Park. There was no warning from the disc golfers. There are no warning signs posted.

In a recent CNN town hall meeting, President Biden was asked about human rights violations to the Uyhur Muslims who are literally being kept in concentration camps by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

What a nice surprise we got on Valentine’s Day – a bucket of cheer from the Girl Scout Troop 966.

Words matter. Words killed seven people at the U.S. Capitol Building, injured hundreds of Capitol police and destroyed thousands of dollars of property.

Hey Joe, what happened to your program of defeating COVID that was a big promise of your campaign? You promised to listen to the experts, follow the science and practice the CDC guidelines. Are we to believe that all of the above suggested opening our borders and allowing hundreds of thousan…

I am a 60-year Republican; not a Democrat and an 11-year registered Independent. Donald Trump is loyal only unto himself, his own agenda, and would do anything to save himself and throw others under the bus.

Sometimes, adversity and challenges can be strong motivators to work even harder and “stay in the game.” The results of Super Bowl LV can be an example of persistence and commitment to a cause.

All of us have our own standards to live up to. The measure of a man or woman is whether, at crunch time, he or she manages to keep their standards despite the allure of money, sex, power or fame.

The good news is that Arizona voters chose change and progress in the 2020 election. The bad news is that our very own representatives are still stuck in the past.

I would like to thank a small group of men who saw a need and, with the help of my three grandchildren, did a wonderful job of protecting my yard in case of fire.

The town government and staff are becoming more isolated from the citizens.

Mr. Lessig is to be commended for his baseball knowledge and enthusiasm. Hopefully, when he is old enough to retire, he can get a part-time job running up and down the stadium aisles, selling bags of popcorn!

Quoting a report in the Jan. 27 edition of The Times, State Representative John Kavanagh met recently with the Fountain Hills Republican Club and “remarked that there is no systemic racism but ‘cops should use less force than more.’” That’s good to know.

Try motivating and teaching a third grader at home with all of its distractions and no classmates or teacher to build relationships with and make school more fun and meaningful.

Trump is long gone. Twitter announced on Jan. 8 that it was permanently suspending the personal Twitter account of Donald Trump after concluding that the U.S. president’s tweeting posed a “risk of further incitement of violence.” However, an archieve is online that holds Trump’s tweets for history.

A shoutout in favor of one of our local businesses, Sember Motorsports Auto Body and Paint, owned by Mark Sember.

A big thank you to Kevin Snipes, with the Parks Department, for responding in a timely manner to a potentially dangerous issue in the Fountain Hills Botanical Garden.

Anyone looking for an evening of great food and entertainment needs to head to the Tap House when Fred Rutledge is in the house.

What would we do without the “wise” musings of Representative John Kavanagh? He seems worried that his world, and that of some of his friends, is being overrun by those fearsome Democrats.

I’m tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in this town. America has two major political parties and I belong to one of them.

In response to a recent article in The Fountain Hills Times, I look forward to the day when John Kavanagh walks into the Capitol with no hope of having any of his bills being introduced in committee. That’s been the typical fate of Democrats during his tenure.

According to reporting in The Times, State Representative John Kavanagh reminded the local Republican Club that “the town council is supposed to be non-partisan, but it isn’t.” He then asserted that four of the seven members lean left. (Oh, the horror!) In that spirit of non-partisanship, it…

Have we all had enough? Twitter has now banned, for life, Trump supporter and My Pillow icon, Mike Lindell! The official Czar of American Censorship, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, continues to choke off any speech that disagrees with his and the liberal left’s philosophy. Can book burning be …

I have a question for you readers. What’s going on with the approximately 2 hundred million people that don’t vote in these elections? Don’t these people live in our same country? Are they so satisfied with life here and don’t see what’s going on around them?

My experiences with the new roundabout have been all positive, except for the minor issue of another motorist seemingly sneaking up behind my vehicle and immediately giving a loud blast of the horn, as I had the audacity to slow down and scan before safely entering the roundabout.

Piqued by the statement that “the mask is a symbol of fear,” I decided to do some elementary research. My conclusion is that the construction and use of masks has a rich history in human society, but little mention as a “symbol of fear.”

I think we owe a big round of applause to VP Mike Pence, Governor Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ for their incredible planning. I was assigned to get my shot on the 29th at the Chandler/Gilbert station located on the community college campus. The testing and distribution station that has been set…

When my husband, Rob, passed away unexpectedly two weeks after his 58th birthday last September, my son and I met with Allan Ruby the next day for three hours to make all of the arrangements. As we pulled into the parking lot, Brant asked me whether being a funeral home director made a perso…

Rep. Kavanagh was trying his hand at standup comedy, evidently, at the last Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting stating, “The council is supposed to be non-partisan, but it isn’t,” then enflaming partisanism in the same breath with, “we live in a conservative state in a liberal town.”

The letter in last week’s Times that suggested the roundabout was a bad idea and chastised the Town Council for wasting money better spent on road repairs, has roused me from a long winter's sleep.

Last Wednesday’s Times article, “Schweikert explains impeachment vote,” in fact provided no meaningful explanation at all. The article was nothing more than free coverage given for a press statement, presumably supplied by Schweikert’s office. The congressman’s carefully crafted words did ma…

After reading Schweikert’s explanation for not voting for impeachment, I was wondering if he implied that he approved of the five people who died, or all the damage to the Capitol Building? He stated to the reporter his focus is on conquering ongoing issues instead of seeking prosecution for…

I suggest a third party of government which I would name “The Conservable Party” (or similar), made up of the best and brightest of both the conservative and liberal thinkers who are willing to admit that it is arrogant and egotistical of them to think that either one has all the answers for…

Looking backward, though the liberals will claim that the story of the Trump presidency was that our democratic institutions held firm, that our republic is strong; in fact, the true story is quite the opposite.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, at 8 a.m. our 46th president, our 49th vice president and our new water heater will be installed. Our lucky day.

In my daily exercise of walking, I see many people wearing masks. The mask is a symbol of fear. This fear has limited social interaction and has people going out of their way to avoid others. Smiles are almost non-existent.

I am ashamed that I did not write a letter to the editor last week. I did not have the right words to express my sadness, fury, despair and revulsion over the events of Jan. 6. I left it up to others to be my voice. There were only two letters on the subject last week.

In the U.S. Congress, all House of Representatives, Senators and Independents are to represent the constituents who elected them to office. However, when they take the oath of office they pledge, among other things, “…to defend the nation against enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Shortly after a highly contentious presidential election, the country as a whole expected a peaceful transition between the outgoing and incoming administrations. The 2000 election transition ended with over $20,000 in “reckless and deliberate” damages and vandalism at the Eisenhower and Whi…

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