In his letter to the editor last week, Mr. Joyce claims freedom of speech and fact-gathering distractions are unethical. I don’t believe Councilmember Friedel’s intention was to tear down his colleagues. I believe it was factual, as he used their own words. I believe the residents of this to…

“Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength,” – Eric Hoffer, The True Believer.

After the 2020 election, we came perilously close to losing our democracy. In a new book by Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig, “I Alone Can Fix It,” we learn just how close we were.

While most residents of Fountain Hills are enjoying the summer, our P&Z and town staff were working on something that on the surface might seem boring or perfunctory, but it is neither.

Gold rush. That’s how owners of detox and sober living facilities describe their services and the fees that they charge for addicts utilizing their facilities (Obamacare opened Pandora’s Box by including the services that these facilities provide).

We recently visited The Box Meat Shop and found it be very inviting and enjoyable.

The Chamber of the Commerce hosted a very nice lunch for Hope for Homes on Friday, July 16, for the monthly nonprofit collaboration between the Chamber and Fountain View Village.

I would like to recommend reading the Judicial Watch article, “A Republic Under Assault,” by Tom Fitton.

There is no doubt America is now circling the drain of freedom. The list of evils being perpetrated from D.C. is staggering, from Socialism and Marxism to advocating Communism.

In the June 30 Times, more than 10 letters complimented Councilmember Gerry Friedel for his previous op-ed and for his diligent efforts to seek the input of business owners in reference to the A-frame sign ordinance. A more muted rebuttal was evidenced by three letters in last week’s edition.

On Oct. 18, 2019, Joe Bill, president of the non-profit International Dark Sky Discovery Center (IDSDC) proposed an ambitious plan for a Dark Sky Organization planetarium that sounded like Fountain Hills’ dream project. The estimated cost would be $18 million dollars. It was and still is pro…

In response to “Major Difference,” Peter Donzelli’s June 16 letter. I worry that explanations such as the one you offered will further confuse citizens and our town officials. I trust you were not purposely trying to confuse, but mistakenly created a “fruit salad” message by mixing bananas, …

In last week’s Times, “Civic health” letter-writer Kristine Bartanen proceeds to criticize the election process in Arizona, especially some recent efforts to enhance election integrity and restore voter confidence in elections.

Kristine Bartanen’s letter of July 7, titled “Civic Health,” asks that we contact Senators Sinema and Kelly regarding The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

With the recent articles of President Xi of China, celebrating the 100th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and his bold statements, I take great offense not only personally, but for the American people.

These written words and/or thoughts reflect my contemporary contemplations. I offer them not to persuade or influence, but as a discussion of topics that you can research and define for yourself.

Recently, I enjoyed the company of a family member breaking bread together at a local restaurant. The conversation centered not on family, but on the state of our nation.

Fox News aired a disclaimer during the Trump CPAC speech about the 2020 election.

As you know, we start the year in January celebrating National Blood Donor Month, Braille Literacy Month, National Hot Tea Month and another 156 worthwhile National causes.

Is an ideal no less desirable if spoken by a person of a different skin color than your own? Is truth defined by the color of the speaker, rather than by the words that are spoken?

Thank you, Representative Kavanagh, for securing the $2.5 million allocation from the state budget designated for the Fountain Hills International Dark Sky Discovery Center. Your outstanding communication skills, plus your ability to work both sides of the political aisle, scored a landslide…

After further review, it appears that many similarly-worded letters that appeared in the June 28 Times misplaced their praise for Councilman Gerry Friedel. His comments were neither courageous nor made in good faith.

I can’t believe the total misunderstanding and volatility regarding the sign ordinance, so here is a little history on how stable it has been over the years.

Something needs to be said about the 13 letters which appeared in last week’s edition, praising Gerry Friedel for his unwarranted and disrespectful personal attack on fellow Council members.

In response to Cindy Couture’s letter to the editor last week, I don’t believe Councilmember Friedel was trying to pick a “side,” I got the impression he was trying to get to the facts of the issue.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment about the sign ordinance. First, emphatically, I support Fountain Hills businesses. My quality of life is much better when Fountain Hills restaurants, service shops, supermarkets, small contractors and many others are prospering.

As a relatively new citizen to Arizona, I’ve found some things wonderful, some difficult.

If lawmakers want to improve America’s health care system, then they should start by working together to address the true factors that contribute to the high cost of care.

I am writing in support of Sally Buschmann’s letter in the opinion section of The Fountain Hills Times regarding traffic on Palisades and especially Sunflower Drive.

I agree, along with many citizens, with Sally Buschann’s letter stating the importance that the Town of Fountain Hills consider a four-way stop at Palisades and Sunflower Drive.

Phyliss Kern, on behalf of the Fountain Hills Theater Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your benevolent generosity for the reduced rent of your portable performance stage.

It is time to start logging the decisions made by Senator Mark Kelly, since he was elected last year. Before his election he had no political history. He was only known as an astronaut from Texas, whose second wife was a former congresswoman who was wounded in a hideous crime. Kelly lied to …

As a geologist, a geoscientist, I am a firm believer in climate change. The Earth’s climate has been changing for about 4.5 billion years now. Just because man has appeared in this last, tiniest, almost invisible speck of an incomprehensibly massive amount of time doesn’t mean that process i…

Fountain View Village and the Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser for Encore for More Senior Services in June.

I’m not sure why the sign issue is raising so many hackles. Fountain Hills has the most competent, pro-business mayor and town council in my 17 years here.

Thank you, Gerry, for standing up for the small businesses in Fountain Hills.

It’s good that councilmembers express opinions (Gerry Friedel’s column in The Times), but are they rooted in facts and understanding of issues, or just to pick a side?

Having served over six years on the Fountain Hills Town Council as your mayor, I know what it is like to be on the losing side of a vote and how difficult it is to speak out against the council members who voted on the winning side.

I appreciated Town Councilman Gerry Friedel’s opinion piece concerning the sign ordinance in last week’s edition. It was refreshing to hear an elected official say that residents’ voices matter, and not just when they are campaigning. Thanks also to Councilman David Spelich for saying so as well.

We are a lucky community to have such a staunch supporter of small businesses on our Town Council. Although I believe other members of the council really do support small businesses, it is hard to see their words put into action, as they seem to do everything in their power to destroy as man…

As a fairly new resident of Fountain Hills, I want to thank Gerry Friedel for his opinion piece regarding the A-frame sign ordinance. All of his points were spot on.

I’d like to thank Councilman Friedel for boldly demonstrating, with their own words, how four of our elected Town Council members pushed forward with a sign ordinance with little investigation into how it directly impacted some of our local businesses.

You know, it takes a brave person these days to point out things that don’t make sense. Councilman Friedel has done just that with his opinion on this sign ordinance issue.

I want to thank Gerry Friedel for his thoughtful input last week concerning the town council’s vote pertaining to limiting the use of A-frame signs, that I also believe hinders sales opportunities for our small business owners in Fountain Hills.

May I ask why are we even still talking about A-frame signs in this wonderful town of Fountain Hills? At least now the mayor and those council members who voted, it seems without doing their homework, to restrict A-frame signs have wisely altered course. This, due to overwhelming objections …

I am writing to commend Council Member Gerry Friedel for his civil and professional debate at the May18 council meeting while discussing the unnecessary new sign ordinance initiative. The response to his questions at the meeting by Councilmembers McMahon and Scharnow were dismissive and an a…

I’d like to thank Councilman Friedel for once again demonstrating that the town staff is lacking in the kind of research to enable the council to make educated decisions on critical issues for the town and going out and getting it done himself.

I want to thank Gerry Friedel for sharing his opinion in The Times’ June 23 piece and showing the business community you hear us regarding the recent sign ordinance change. Hopefully, the amendments to be discussed/added will consider a collective of businesses and residential input in their…

As someone who worked through college to pay off student loan debt, I understand the struggle millions of students face after graduating. In response to this, I recently introduced bipartisan legislation in Congress to establish a matched savings scholarship program to help low-income studen…

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