My aunt, Julie Patterson, was brutally murdered 28 years ago in her home in Fountain Hills. She was 39 years old. It is difficult to fully express the magnitude of loss that was inflicted on our family and on Fountain Hills in August of 1991.

I am a volunteer at the Scottsdale VA clinic that services upwards of 4,000 vets. My main responsibility is to encourage veterans to sign up for the online “My Healthy Vet” program, which is designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of benefits to our deserving veterans. It’s a great progr…

This fall voters will be given the chance to resolve what started out as a personal vendetta against me by Bob Shelstrom, but has escalated into a campaign against the Sanitary District.

We are fortunate to have three experienced incumbents willing to serve an additional term on the Sanitary Board: Thomson, Butler and Maroon. These three deserve our support and I encourage you to vote for them.

We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of attendance at our inaugural event – Purple Heart Day Honor and Remembrance! Your participation and attendance meant the world to us.

Where do you get your news about what’s going on in Congress? Maybe it’s from one of the cable channels, the major broadcast networks, an online news site or Twitter. Is the information reliable, or does it come with a “spin?” Wouldn’t you rather get the news directly from the source?

I recently had cause to do business with Bill Wallace of Impact Collision Shop. What a pleasure to meet someone who does what he says he will do. The work on my vehicle exceeded my expectations and was completed in the exact timeframe promised.

Folks, it’s high time to face reality and make a course correction in our upside-down nation. Over the last 70 years we’ve created a mindset of me-ism at the cost of out of control behaviors and the loss of innocent lives. We’ve turned right to wrong and wrong to right and now we’re reaping …

Dust, tiny airborne particles, settles on your stuff and simply lays there. You see it, it annoys, and you try to get rid of it. You work at cleaning it up. But later, no matter what you do, there it is again, dust.

Let’s correct the bizarre typos in Gary Zuanetti’s abuse of the Platters’ song last week, shall we?

As a result of a lawsuit against the Charlottesville City Council, that planned to take down the statue of General Robert E. Lee, the judge came out with the following statement: “While some people obviously see Lee and Jackson as symbols of white supremacy, others see them as brilliant mili…

First off, I want to say that my wife and I greatly enjoyed Saturday evening at the River of Time Museum’s Taste of the P-Bar Ranch fundraiser. I would like to give thanks to all the restaurants that participated in last weekend’s River of Time Museum’s Taste of the P-Bar Ranch fundraiser. A…

As chairman of the Fountain Hills Sanitary District, I am extremely grateful for the diligence of Town Prosecutor Mark Iacovino in pursuing a toxic dumping case in Fountain Hills against Green Arrow Environmental Services of Mesa. The case arises from an incident when employees of Green Arro…

In reference to the letter to the editor by Brian Reilly regarding President Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship. Reilly came to my office, August 2011, supported by 242 Tea Party representatives asking me by a signed letter indicating that Obama’s birth certificate was forged and aski…

I thought I’d never do this, but I have developed little hope for America’s future with Trump being so mean and divisive.

It is so tiresome to hear every time a Republican runs for public office they are accused of being a racist.

Stanley Hinkley’s letter to the editor entitled “Tribalism” states, “It only seems logical that the problem we are having with the ‘Squad’ and their attempt to change our country into their weird version will not change unless someone outside of their tribes replaces them.”

Oh yes we’re the Dem defenders, the infallible elite. Our need is such we pretend too much and that’s why we’re singing this song, because we never admit that we’re wrong.

A few weeks ago, we read in this paper a letter about enough noise. Kim referenced B.S. and I couldn’t agree more. Now we have “protected free speech” signs (a type of visual “noise”) scattered all around our beautiful town. Enough B.S.

If the gunmen at the Gilroy Garlic festival had been equipped with two baseball bats, instead of an AK47, could he have inflicted the same number of casualties – killed three and wounded twelve – as he did with his machine gun?

I would like to thank the Rural Metro Fountain Hills fire department for their service and dedication.

In Ann Schweers’ letter to the editor for July 17, she states that, in her opinion, “a moral sickness is permeating many employees” of ICE and the border patrol.

Four feet from a doggie bag dispenser this morning at Four Peaks Park, some blind optimist avoided responsibility for their dog. Another person had to clean up their mess so they could continue to live in their dream world when they walk tomorrow.

On August 13, the Town Council will consider two revenue items – a sales tax increase and a new public safety fee. I’m not against all taxes but I expect that fees and taxes address proven needs and are spent responsibly. Unfortunately, past local history has created significant skepticism. …

Dr. Rutkowski, Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party past president, in his letter last week accused me of “misrepresenting information.” In my letters July 5 and 24, I said local Tea Party folks had solicited help from the Koch brothers in the property tax vote last year.

A letter in the July 31 edition claims that if Trump was [sic] a Democrat (which he was from 2001-2009) “he would be praised as the greatest president since FDR.” I disagree. If he were a Democrat he would not have been allowed to steal that party’s nomination, much less the election. Rememb…

With the current (and seemingly never ending) challenges the town government of Fountain Hills faces, now might be the right time to consider a conversation with the City of Scottsdale about potentially annexing Fountain Hills (thus disbanding our town government).

In reading the article, “Fees and Taxers: Proposed public safety fee” in last week’s Fountain Hills Times, it states that the town currently collects a $35 annual fee for environmental services. Under the new fee plan, $35 would be set aside for the environmental fund, used for the costs of …

If $35 of the new fee can be set aside in the Environmental Fund, there is no reason why the remaining $150, which is being earmarked for public safety services, cannot be put in its own fund.

Fountain Hills can refocus now that P&Z postponed action on Daybreak until September. Kudos to the 200-plus citizens who packed that meeting!

Have we not learned a lesson by the building of that multi-colored monstrosity on the Avenue of the Fountains? I cringe every time I see it.

Aug. 7 is Purple Heart Day, a proclaimed national, State of Arizona and Town of Fountain Hills day of remembrance and honor for our combat-wounded veterans and those killed in action who received the Purple Heart.

In response to Mr. Steve Orlando’s letter to the editor, I think [the stop signs] were one of the best projects the Town Council has done, especially near the high school.

A man, who never ran for public office before, runs for and wins to become the president. He comes into office and refuses the salary, donating it instead. He goes to work cutting taxes, regulations, re-working trade deals and getting governments to pony up on their share. The economy soars,…

I just finished reading your article entitled, “Arpaio talks elections, career.” You wrote, “Arpaio said he is also trying to get someone in the media to even look at his report on the birth certificate of former President Barack Obama. Arpaio alleges that Obama was not a natural born citize…

Would you like to look into the crystal ball and see what is the future of Fountain Hills? Only if you dare and only if you care; then look.

I just read an article published in 1990 by Charles Krauthammer about tribalism in our country. One of the greatest needs (and now ignored) asked of our immigrants is the need to assimilate and become citizens.

At its Aug. 13 session, the Town Council will make the final vote on the next year’s budget. Expect a huge negative outcry from residents, both those that read The Times and those who frequent social media.

I am in complete agreement with Jamie Hansen’s letter last week regarding implementing new taxes just by calling them fees. I could have voted for the last property tax vote if it had been written reasonably and not like signing a blank check.

“Government does not tax to get the money it needs; government always finds a need for the tax money it gets.” President Reagan’s wisdom in this quote fits Mayor Dickey’s proposed fee and tax increases perfectly.

In a July 24 letter, Kim Ptak characterized letters to the editor which express opposition to higher taxes as “noise” and “misrepresenting information.” Kim attempted to support that opinion by personally misrepresenting information.

To all of you that submit thoughtful, properly presented, fact-based letters to try to help this community, God bless you! To those that seemingly just want to see their name in the paper and bully others, while deliberately twisting and misrepresenting information to undermine efforts by th…

The very first day that several flashing stop signs were installed at the intersection of Palisades Blvd. and Golden Eagle, I happened to be travelling westbound on Palisades. There were two vehicles stopped at the sign that were on Palisades travelling east, waiting to take a left turn onto…

Why the flashing Christmas lights around particular stop signs? How much did these cost our tax payers? Is this where the public safety tax money is going to go?

What do we do with racism from the White House? By now, it should be obvious to even Trump supporters that we have a leader who is racist. With a more than healthy economy, job market and roaring stock market, should we overlook and condone the vile comments that our president hurls at our m…

Daybreak: Defile our beautiful, timeless, rolling desert ridges and canyons, shaped by nature and studded with majestic, green saguaros and carpeted with golden, natural desert landscape?

I read with interest on how our town managers wish to raise money for their General Fund. I am not against raising money for dedicated projects such as necessary street maintenance or repairs on town facilities or establishing our own police department – key word here is necessary – but putt…

There are many misconceptions about refugees coming to the border. I am a Red Cross volunteer and would like to relay some of my experiences working with refugee families in the hope that more accurate information will help us form more informed views and decisions.

I read with interest the proposed solutions to the budget funding crisis that the town is confronting and it is all about getting “increased revenues,” but not a word about decreasing expenses!

I support the increase in our sales tax rate and the public safety fee. For those who might have forgotten, or never read my ad of Oct. 28, 2017 in The Times, I recommended an alternative to a town property tax – A public safety service fee – for police, paramedics and fire department.

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