Since it is the time of year when New Year’s resolutions are in order, I have a suggestion for the townspeople of Fountain Hills. It is becoming more important, each day, that all registered voters residing in town make a serious commitment to learn the hows and whys of the town’s financial …

Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of their town, Fountain Hills.

One of the unfortunate things that happen when people lie to benefit themselves is people are reluctant to believe even the truth, if that’s what it is.

Some media reporters unethically twist and omit facts and truth to reinforce their preconceived narrative. That dirty twist of blending truth with lies has been branded fake news.

It’s 2020, an election year, and so political issues and discussion are likely to garner more attention even from those who aren’t “political junkies.” For some, “politics” is a dirty word, and political involvement is avoided, although nobody can really avoid the results of political activity.

Dear residents of Fountain Hills, come out and support my friends at Fearless Kitty Rescue on Friday, Jan. 24. The rescue is partnering with Señor Taco, where 10 percent of the restaurant’s sales will be donated to help take care of homeless cats.

Iran’s $150 billion was impounded by the U.S. Treasury for good cause, for Iran insisting on centrifuging uranium into fissile bomb-making material.

Some of you may have seen my letter in last week’s edition of The Fountain Hills Times noting that Sue Jiang, Fountain Hills resident and business owner, is being held captive somewhere in China.

It’s been a little over a month since The Fountain Hills Times reported that Sue Jiang, Fountain Hills resident and business owner, was “detained” after landing in Shanghai, China, to attend the funeral of her father. She reportedly is being held in a Shanghai prison for a “crime of provocation.”

I was extremely concerned when three of the six letters in last week’s Times continued to spread the false Trump narrative that Democrats and Pelosi committed crimes by impeaching him! There’ve even been accusations of treason (punishable by death) by both the president and his acolytes. Tha…

A couple shared a recent experience where they emerged from the local Safeway store and spotted a man lying on his back with his head on the street side of the curb and his bicycle on top of him. Shoppers were simply passing by without breaking stride. Our friends went to check on the man’s …

The Fountain Hills Robotics Club at the high school is hosting two robotics tournaments. Two of the events are for elementary schools on Saturdays, Jan. 11 and Feb. 8.

With area home prices soaring and more predictions of home appreciation, one has to wonder how much longer this will continue. With a strong economy and Californians heading here in droves, it appears that 2020 will be another good year for homeowners with little worries.

Congressman Schweikert’s impeachment statement as reported in The Fountain Hills Times surprised me.

A huge thank you to former Mayor Linda Kavanagh, Town Manager Grady Miller, Community Services Director Rachael Goodwin and everyone else involved with the demolition of the old bus barn building and development of the new playground area at Four Peaks Park! This is a very welcome improvemen…

A couple of weeks ago I penned an opinion about Daybreak and defined pollution as too many people in too small a space. The next week a Mr. Hopp tried to rebut my article but actually helped to prove my point.

I voted for “the other one,” not Donald Trump, who lacks finesse and respect in his role as President of the United States. However, I do admire President Trump’s aggressive way of correcting international trade imbalance.

The Constitution, written by dissenters, is the judicial document providing the right for all dissenters to openly express their ideas without suffering maltreatment, harassment or retribution. The Constitution clearly defines the roles of the president, Congress and the Judicial. The Consti…

“Discretion is the better part of valor,” a comparison statement. Also, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” another comparison.

As most of you know, the Ponzo’s house burned down on Thanksgiving night. Rick and Cheryl’s strong faith is helping them deal with the emotional aftermath of losing everything and having to start over.

The nation got the best Christmas present with an impeachment of our president, which has happened only the third time in history. Many of us feel a sense of justice and relief that the daily nightmare or circus Trump created is over. The lies, name-calling, personal attacks against outstand…

For many of us, Christmas is a very special time of the year filled with many traditions. Among these traditions is the exchange of gifts, a practice which may be traced back to the visit of the Three Kings and their presentation of gifts to the baby Jesus, who would be our Savior.

Trinity Lutheran Church was the site of a wonderfully successful Cookie Walk last Saturday. Volunteers supplied many dozens of cookies and other sweet treats. Members of the community showed up in force to purchase goodies and to support our local Extended Hands Food Bank. Many purchasers ge…

I know Tony, owner of Sam the Bug Man, only through his spraying my house once a month.

Rick Dime’s letter last week contained false talking points, not truth.

Charlie Vascellaro offers an excellent idea when he suggests the town use “eminent domain” to repurpose the Daybreak property. There is only one hitch, a serious one. The town has no funds to pay the required fair market price for the property.

John Meredith’s recent letter, “Pollution,” compared the relative lack of congestion and rat race in Fountain Hills with living in Scottsdale. Claiming that “most people express a relief when they come up over the hill and leave all the congestion and rat race.” I found his opinion hilarious…

Mayor Ginny Dickey walking over to a table, picking up $51,000 for the Town of Fountain Hills is a one-time event. Too simple? Too easy? Well, it’s possible!

What we just witnessed was a violation of the American principles we used to be proud of. It began with the Dems changing the rules of congress to specifically target Trump and denying him due process and the inability to furnish his own witnesses, the right to a proper defense and challenge…

Mark your calendar. Fountain Hills history will be made next week when the first of two new Fountain Park restroom facilities is dedicated. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will occur on Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 9 a.m. on the east side of the park next to the parking lot on Panorama Drive. A second f…

I have yet to meet anyone living here in Fountain Hills who really wanted to live in Scottsdale and somehow couldn’t. Most people express a relief when they come up over the hill and leave all the congestion and rat race. We have a magic place where a half-hour drive will get you to the thic…

Remember the chorus of the song, “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Thanks to Charles Vascellaro for his ads in the last two Times. He makes a lot of sense. I had not heard of Councilman Brown’s patently absurd comment, though I had read Councilman Scharnow’s letter where he rebuked a critic of Daybreak on a petty point of diction.

I was delighted to see the letter about your crossword puzzle. I have wanted to write for some time, but wondered if I should since I think of it as a “gift” to us from the paper! But since someone got the barrel rolling, I thought I’d join in.

Impeachment 2019 is happening because the Democrats could never accept their loss of the presidency in 2016 and they know in a fair election they will lose again.

Thank you to those who dropped new, unwrapped toys into the distinctive boxes that were strategically placed along the route of the Thanksgiving parade. Unfortunately, it was not all good news.

For almost 20 years my wife and I have done most of our banking and grocery, pharmacy and pizza shopping in Fountain Hills. Our primary care physicians, dentist and other professionals are also located in Fountain Hills.

Pursing the recent publication of HOME, a publication dedicated to the local housing industry, I noticed what is going up development-wise in Fountain Hills. Keystone, a creative apartment complex surrounding Bashas’ shopping plaza in the heart of the downtown area; “mostly single story and …

We have all heard people’s first impression upon reaching the top of the hill at Palisades and Shea Blvds. and viewing the scenic overlook. The Daybreak site is the very heart and soul of what Fountain Hills represents and what makes it the most beautiful town in Arizona to live in.

Christmas came early for the out-of-town Daybreak developers when the Town Council approved their development agreement in November. And what gifts were approved by the five supporters of Daybreak? Council members Brown, Magazine, Scharnow, LeCkrone and Tolis voted to: Waive fees for the app…

The Fountain Hills Botanical Garden would like to thank Sandra Sixtos at Verde Valley Nursery for donating all the plants on our float in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Also, Mark Ashjian of Target for donating a gift card which paid for the candy we passed out along the parade route.

The Ascension Conference of Saint Vincent de Paul wishes to thank the residents of Fountain Hills and the Rio Verde communities for their outstanding support of the Bashas’ Turkey Tuesday food drive. You contributed over 100 turkeys and over $800 in cash donations.

As a resident of Fountain Hills for over 10 years, I enjoy taking bike rides from our home on Nicklaus Dr. down Saguaro Blvd. to the lake. After cutting down a side street I continue along the far side of the lake, then back along Saguaro.

I sat down on Nov. 27 with a mug of coffee and The Fountain Hills Times crossword, hoping for a relaxing morning in the bosom of my family home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Alas – to my surprise, my efforts were stymied by the numerous arcana selected presumably only for their vowel contents.

The order of command is first President Trump, Commander in Chief; then Secretary of Defense, Esper; then Secretary of Navy, Spencer.

As a Democrat, I would like to respond to Rick Dime’s “Battleground” letter of Nov. 20. He made an abundance of assumptions that portray Democrats as a “danger to the Republic.” I do not consider myself as such.

We were very distressed to read Barb Charzuk’s article about the detention in China of one of our own, Sue Jiang, since Aug. 29, 2019.

The Fountain Hills Robotics Club at the high school is hosting four robotics tournaments, including the state finals. Two of the events are for elementary schools on Saturdays, Jan. 11 and Feb. 8. One of the competitions is for high school on Jan. 5 and we host the state finals for middle sc…

Mayor Dickey and Councilmember Spelich, as concerned citizens and 19-year residents of Fountain Hills, we want to thank you for your “nay” vote on the Daybreak project. You seem to be the only members of our town government that are listening to the voices of the people in our beautiful community.

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