Regarding the new roundabout, I agree with Spelich. This proposed roundabout at the Post Office will be much more dangerous for pedestrians. I walk this intersection several times a week and I cannot imagine doing that with cars zooming around a roundabout.

During the past few weeks, our community has faced disruption and confusion. Gaining accurate information in light of mixed messages has been a challenge, particularly at the time our Town Council voted against a mask mandate, followed within about an hour by the county announcing that masks…

An interesting letter in July 1 edition of The Fountain Hills Times addressed “this bunk term ‘white privilege’...propaganda buzz word of radical left.”

In the upcoming primary, I’ll be voting for Joseph Chaplik for representative. He’s a pro-Trump, pro-constitution go-getter with a strong record of success in his life. He’s full of energy and as fit physically as he is intellectually for the position.

These are odd times that we live in – COVID epidemic as well as unrest in our country. Elections matter more this year than ever before.

As an older adult who recently learned how to text, I am dumbfounded at the vast amount of hateful tweets Trump has sent to Americans across the nation in these almost four years of his presidency.

How many people feel that the media is demoralizing and lying to us? Our leaders are not speaking up, promises they made aren’t being fulfilled, just rhetoric and excuses; basically not standing up for us.

I’m asking Council to not stoop so low as to install radar robot(s) that target each vehicle.

Leaders protected! I just saw on television that in Minneapolis, the government leaders will be protected by private security paid for by, of course, tax-payer dollars, while the rest of the city will have reduced police coverage, if any.

Former F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover was asked about justice. He responded, “It is incidental to law and order.”

We may live in an imperfect world but we can try to make it better. If we can’t do anything else, we can at least work at treating one another as human beings and make a small sacrifice for others if and when we are able to do so.

Perhaps the virus loves the mask. As the great mask debate heats up like the temperatures outside during our summer months, perhaps the debate misses the obvious in terms of general population protection.

Thank you to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for their foresight and speedy enactment of a county-wide mask/face-covering mandate – that supersedes all communities with a lesser or no policy – to protect everyone in our county from our state’s skyrocketing rates of COVID-19 cases an…

It appears that all the members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors care more about the health and safety of Fountain Hills residents than most of our own town council.

Dear people, I am not responsible for your health.

There are no two sides to the mask issue.

As a long-term survivor from the 1980s AIDS pandemic, I feel like I am going through a very painful crisis again with the current pandemic.

It’s rare for an elected official to please every voter and it’s probably impractical and unrealistic for those who are elected to pursue or expect the approval of all voters. Even in some countries in which the vote is 100 percent in favor of re-election of the current head-of-state/dictato…

These stressful times seem to bring out the worst in people; it’s not only the virus, but the attacks on homes and businesses, the looting, shootings, buildings burning, lockdowns and financial difficulties.

The rescheduled Black Lives Matter march occurred last week in a peaceful, respectful manner, as had been promised by the organizers. Threats of violence did not come to fruition, largely due to MCSO’s excellent planning and support, and the marchers themselves delivering on their promise.

We don’t know what Mayor Dickey was thinking when she invited protesters into our beautiful community! We can only surmise that she wanted to be politically correct but it was to the detriment of the people she is supposed to serve.

It was an honor, privilege and positively uplifting to join the young activists of Together We Care and march in solidarity on Thursday with the good citizens of Fountain Hills; young, old and in-between.

Recently I attended a meeting of the Fountain Hills Republican Club where several primary candidates for office spoke. Among them were John Kavanagh, Joseph Chaplik and Jay Lawrence.

Perhaps you know me as a Realtor at MCO Realty. I’ve been employed in Fountain Hills more than 20 years. Perhaps you’ve seen me emceeing shows or speaking to your civic group. Or because I’ve been working for you in the State House, where I vote as promised in a conservative manner to expand…

I’m pretty disgusted to see the LD-23 Republican Primary for the Arizona House continue to sink further into the mud. I’m referring to the dirty politicking being done against Joseph Chaplik.

I heard about the harassment and attacks on candidate-elect Joseph Chaplik when he attended the local Republican Club meeting. Unfortunately, our town guest experienced pure nasty politics.

As the coronavirus continues to impact our Arizona communities, we must reflect on this pandemic’s challenges and be mindful of how we have adapted our capabilities to provide care and share resources.

We have in our community a team of dedicated 30-plus individuals who quietly took action to help protect their neighbors and other non-profit organizations to fight COVID-19. While some of us sit here counting the hours and wondering what day it is, they saw the need for masks back in March …

Apparently The Times decided that public concerns regarding MCSO understaffing and overcharging is not worth reporting, nor is reporting inaccuracies in the pavement planning replacement report that may be overestimating annual program needs by millions per year.

To address the June 17 full-page lecture on "white privilege" and racism to the people of Fountain Hills, what is this bunk term, “white privilege?” It is one of the favorite propaganda buzzwords of the radical left. It smacks of decades of radical-left college professors indoctrinating impr…

Based on what we’ve seen and heard from the Town Council lately, it seems like a clean sweep is in order when they are up for election.

In the June 10 issue, I read a story about Dr. Grant Smith joining the order of the Knights of St. John, also known as the Knights of Malta. Congratulations to Dr. Grant.

We would like to thank Scott Hegna of Fountain Hills Decorators for his help in repairing our patio ceiling, keeping our front door in good repair and having several screens repaired. He is efficient, courteous, and very fair with his pricing. Please don’t hesitate to contact him for your pa…

Who thinks dancing with anarchists is a way to solve an insurrection? Anarchists want to dance; it’s their clever trick, a method to divide. They dupe those cavorting with them and it is plainly stupid to believe them.

May the force be with you!

At age 80-plus, and with more than one underlying medical condition, masks are currently a life and death matter for me. Silence is no longer an option.

Now Arizona cities are going to force voting-aged, tax-paying American citizens to wear masks without letting them vote on it. Interesting. One more day and one less freedom.

Information is the engine that drives democracy. Or is it? Recent behavior by certain Town Council members calls into question this principle.

Thanks to the vice mayor! Our vice mayor stood up for the MCSO and removed them from controversy of enforcing the use of a symbol. The vice mayor will surely be vilified for his vote, which became a wall between a symbol and the deputies who likely would rather not be the “mask police” of Fo…

I was saddened and angered to see that our elected officials put their ideological ideas about “personal freedom” ahead of the health and well-being of the citizens of Fountain Hills.

Alan Magazine’s “stop signs” analogy was a simple, good one at the Town Council meeting and vote on face masks Friday. Unfortunately, it nonetheless went over many people’s heads.

I am an octogenarian who has gone 10 rounds with lung cancer and won. It cost me 20 percent of my lungs but I am cancer-free for over five years. I am also on oxygen full-time as a participation reward for smoking for 50 years. All of this tells me that I must be careful and take all possibl…

It was disappointing to see that we have four council members who put their personal opinions above scientific fact by voting against requiring a face mask to be worn in public during this pandemic. It should not be a political issue; it is a simple scientific fact that wearing a mask preven…

Good news. But first, the bad news. Last Friday, the Town Council voted 4-3 to ignore all the warnings from the scientific/medical community and allow a “no mask in public places” policy to be initiated. This in the face of almost all of the rest of the state mandating masks by the time of t…

I think many people misunderstand the role of wearing a mask. Your mask protects others from you and the possibility that you are the carrier of the disease and can infect them. When you wear a mask, it unfortunately doesn’t really protect you. Well maybe a little. But its real purpose is to…

“Your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” This statement sums up the Harm Principle in a nutshell. “Laws created under the Harm Principle are written to protect people from being harmed by others. Harm Principle laws are essential in every society and every government in t…

Wearing a mask has nothing to do with one’s personal freedom. It has everything to do with protecting one’s self, one’s family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and community.

At our blood drive last weekend we again experienced a first. We did not need to use the blood mobile caravan but were able to be inside the Community Center ballroom. Social distancing was extremely important so we needed space (lots of space). Thanks to the kindness and flexibility of the …

Trying to support our Fountain Hills restaurants has been challenging. Our takeout orders are disappointing; not the same quality as our former restaurant dining-in pleasure. Sometimes paid items are missing and we make another trip.

Perhaps this explains what is going on around us. It is an opportunity to extend positive, creative thinking and doing and overcome the projection of negative and destructive energy.

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