Compared to the marathon election year that was 2018, the past 12 months have been pretty tame here in Fountain Hills. But while residents haven’t been filling out ballots in rapid succession this year, we still have an important decision to make in the coming weeks.

Residents should start receiving ballots in the mail as early as this week for the Fountain Hills Sanitary District Board of Directors. We’d like to remind residents that this is an all-mail election with ballots needing to be received by the Maricopa County Elections Office no later than Tuesday, Nov. 5. That gives participants just shy of a month to have their vote tallied.

The Times ran a five-part Q&A series in recent weeks to give all four candidates a chance to speak directly to you, the voters. Hopefully you followed along and got to know each candidate a little better. And hopefully that knowledge will help you make a selection when filling out your ballot.

Candidates include challenger Bob Shelstrom, as well as incumbents Jerry Butler, Michael Maroon and Bob Thomson. These four candidates are running for three seats, and voters may select no more than three individuals on their ballot.

Good luck to all candidates and, to the residents of Fountain Hills, be sure to get your ballot back in the mail as soon as possible.