Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. Nobody could have predicted your final year of high school would end this way, but you rolled with the punches and are officially ready to head off to that next big step in your individual lives. That next step might be a little delayed due to the ongoing issues or it might take a different form than you were expecting, but we’re confident you can handle whatever the world throws at you next.

Your parents, community and a whole lot of teachers, coaches, club advisors and administrators have done their best to help prepare you for the road ahead through these past 13 years. You’re all Falcons so, no matter what you do next, we expect to see you soar.

Here’s a parting piece of advice: Don’t let these past two months be what defines the class of 2020. When people look back on the students that weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t let the first words out of their mouths be about shifting to online classes and giving up things like prom, spring sports and the like.

Give us something else to talk about. Give us a reason to say the class of 2020 is best remembered for what they went on to do after high school. Let us say that they set their sights on a goal, they worked hard for it and we have a bright future ahead of us because of the things they have accomplished. Start a business, create amazing art, get into politics, empower a charitable organization, build something or rebuild something. Whatever you do, try to end each day knowing you gave it your best effort. And if you slip up from time to time, that’s fine, too. Stand back up, dust yourself off and give it another shot the next day.

We believe in you and we look forward to writing stories about the amazing things you’re going to do next.