Election season is upon us and one of the biggest decisions Fountain Hills voters will have to make is who will represent them on the Sanitary District Board of Directors.

As a reminder, ballots will be mailed on Oct. 9 so, if you wish to take part in the upcoming election, you must be registered by Oct. 7. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, so you’ll have some time to weigh your options.

Speaking of which, The Times aims to help in the decision-making process by giving all candidates an opportunity to speak their mind in an ongoing Q&A series. The first of this five-part series is in this week’s paper, beginning on page 1A. The first query posed to candidates involves their view of the role of a director on the Sanitary Board.

This year’s field of candidates includes incumbents Jerry Butler, Michael Maroon and Bob Thomson, as well as Bob Shelstrom. Voters are being asked to fill three Sanitary Board seats.

To learn more about each candidate, as well as their ideas about how to best serve the Sanitary District and the residents of Fountain Hills, we invite readers to follow along through our series over the next five weeks, share your thoughts through letters to the editor and weigh your options carefully.

See you at the polls.