Fall is fully in the air, which means Arizona is a fantastic place to be right now for folks who want to get out and stretch their legs. It’s also the time of year when Fountain Hills typically receives an influx of winter residents and seasonal visitors.

Roll all of that together and what we’re starting to see a lot more pedestrians and cyclists around town. Whether walking the dog, enjoying a trip around Fountain Park or taking a leisurely stroll through town, more folks are hitting the streets and enjoying the cooler temperatures. Throw in more youngsters out and about with winter holidays on the horizon, and the community is about to become a lot more active.

That being the case, it feels like a good time to remind folks – both pedestrians and drivers – to remember the rules of the road and keep an eye out for each other. Whether you’re walking or on wheels, nobody “owns the road” and we’re all responsible for each other’s safety.

For pedestrians, please remember to use the sidewalk or bike lanes whenever possible and only cross the street at crosswalks. This is especially important in the downtown area, where traffic is heavier. For drivers, remember to pay attention to road signs and lights and, even when you’re not near a crosswalk, be extra mindful of pedestrians exercising a lapse in good judgment.

Let’s be mindful of each other through these coming months and make Fountain Hills’ roads a safer place for all residents.