Whether you think it’s a revenue problem, a spending problem, the result of bad luck or unfortunate legislation, Fountain Hills continues to face a dilemma when it comes to funding upkeep and potential advancements for the community.

In the coming weeks, The Times will explore these issues in the form of two ongoing series, both of which begin on page 1A of this week’s issue.

As noted in Bob Burns’ reporting, the Town Council will consider a pair of items on Aug. 13 specifically tied to revenue; one for the possible adoption of a public safety fee and the other for a potential increase in the local sales tax.

How did we get here? What money would these initiatives provide and what could those monies be spent on? Burns aims to answer these questions and more in the coming weeks, with the goal being to better educate the community before discussion and a potential vote in early August.

At the same time, reporter Barb Charzuk is exploring the community’s various services and facilities in relation to use and upkeep. How does the town fund operations at the Community Center? How much will it cost to repair machinery at the Splash Pad? These are the questions Charzuk will explore in the coming weeks, giving readers a better understanding of the real cost of running many of the town’s amenities and how projects related to those amenities are being prioritized.

We encourage our readers to follow along in the coming weeks in order to become better prepared to provide input, formulate questions and help provide answers to dilemmas the community is already facing and will inevitably encounter in the years ahead.