Congratulations to the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department on being a national finalist for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management as part of the National Gold Medal Awards.

Many folks who visit Fountain Hills do so to take part in various community activities or to enjoy our local parks and sports facilities. We’ve heard plenty of stories over the years about how those simple visits resulted in someone, or an entire family, deciding to make the community their new home.

But while a visit to Fountain Park might not convince everyone to pack up their belongings and move, their positive experiences in the community have resulted in Fountain Hills’ reputation as a desert oasis and a terrific place to spend some free time. Obviously, the men and women of the Community Services Department are a major driving force behind those experiences, keeping local parks pristine, updated with new amenities and organizing plenty of events and activities for everyone to enjoy.

The Times eagerly awaits the announcement of winners on Sept. 21 but, regardless of the outcome or even being in the running, the Community Services Department and the work its members do is just another reason we’re proud to call Fountain Hills home.