If you are voting by mail in the Aug. 4 primary election, today (Wednesday, July 29) is the day to get your ballot back in the mail if you want to be sure it arrives in time to count.

If you miss that deadline, however, you have another option. Fountain Hills’ voting center is officially open in Plaza Fountainside. If you did not get your ballot in the mail on time, you can drop it off at the voting center between now and Election Day on Aug. 4. See our 1A coverage for additional details on the voting center, including its hours of operation.

As an extra reminder, there are no traditional polling locations for this election. If you did not choose to vote by mail, you need to drop by the voting center to request and cast a ballot. You will need the usual forms of identification and you have a few days left to squeeze it into your schedule, all the way up to 7 p.m. on Aug. 4. But, obviously, the sooner the better.

After that, we’ll only be about a month away from early ballots going out for the November General Election.