The pandemic has impacted local events in a number of ways. Some had to be cancelled, others had to be postponed, and still others had to be put on hold multiple times as organizers grappled with timing their activities so that folks could safely participate.

The time has finally come for the Lower Verde River Valley Hall of Fame dinner, an event that occurred annually up until COVID-19 blew a nearly two-year hole in many of our social calendars. Now, at long last, the event will go forward on Oct. 27.

Since it has been quite a while since the event was to initially take place, organizers still need a little help making sure the event goes off without a hitch. As you’ll see in our 1A reporting, organizers are asking everyone who purchased tickets for the 2020 Hall of Fame dinner to contact Barb Hansen at 602-376-2548 and let her know if you still plan on attending. This will allow the team to reorganize seating, plan meals, etc.

For those who can’t attend, look for our coverage of the event in an upcoming edition of The Times.