It was a little like an “old home week” for Town Hall on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 26, for the dedication of Nichols Plaza on Avenue of the Fountains. A crowd of around 100 came out on a sunny afternoon to honor a former mayor who always had a sunny disposition, Wally Nichols. Wally served as mayor from 2003 (elected in a recall) to 2008. During that time he spearheaded the construction of Town Hall, developed the community Strategic Plan and treated everyone like a next door neighbor.

Former Councilman Henry Leger remembers Wally as bringing “stability and civility at a time it was needed” in Fountain Hills. Leger also remembered the inclusive management style of Mayor Nichols. Grace, Anna and Julia Nichols each paid a brief tribute to their grandfather and the lessons he had taught them. Some of Wally’s favorite music also filled the air.

Wally passed away almost three years ago now, and at that time his celebration of life filled the gymnasium at the Boys and Girls Club, a place he donated so much time and treasure to the youth of Fountain Hills. Saturday’s event was a time to pause and remember Wally again, with positive reflections on his service.

Wally was not a politician, but he was a leader. There are many citizens who walk the Avenue daily. Nichols Plaza, just outside Town Hall, is an opportunity for them to pause and remember a fine man who was the best Fountain Hills has had to offer.