The Planning and Zoning Commission had a busy meeting last week, tackling a number of topics that many residents will likely have an interest in.

Amidst concerns revolving around the potential for a detox or rehabilitation facility coming to town, P&Z approved language setting the definition for “hospital” in the community, which it will now send on to the Town Council for further consideration.

P&Z also recently discussed a potential amendment to the Zoning Ordinance concerning noise regulations, which it will discuss further at an upcoming meeting.

And on the topic of input from residents, P&Z unanimously endorsed an amendment that would require a “citizen participation” process when requesting a zoning amendment or special use permit.

You can read all about those items and more in this week’s issue of The Times, and we strongly recommend everyone do exactly that. These items are still in the discussion phase, with some going back to P&Z and others to head to Town Council chambers next month for further discussion and consideration. Now is the time to pay attention, get informed and, if you have something to add to the conversation, get involved.