It’s beginning to look a lot like things are returning to normal after more than a year of somewhat cloistered existence. This past weekend in Fountain Hills brought people out to participate in regular activities we have gotten used to in the town, but have had to miss over the past year.

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce held its annual gala event on Friday evening with about 160 people in attendance, but still socially distanced on the Chamber patio as participants honored members of the business community.

On Saturday there was a trifecta of activities in the Civic Center downtown. A blood drive took place at the Community Center Friday and Saturday, which organizers have worked hard to keep going through the pandemic. There was some pent-up demand for the other activities, beginning with the annual electronics recycling event, which drew hundreds and collected more than 12 tons of material to be hauled out in three trucks. The law enforcement Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is normally held twice annually, but hasn’t been held in more than a year due to the pandemic. Deputies were outside Town Hall receiving unused prescription drugs from people who wanted them safely disposed of. They turned in 94 pounds of pills to be destroyed by DEA. For those who missed the event, there is a permanent drop-off box located within Town Hall, next to the MCSO substation.

It is good to head down the road to normalcy with caution, but it is great to see people out participating in events again.