A couple of weeks ago the idea was tossed around the office that the lead headline in the paper should be just one word: Cancelled. This was inspired by the fact that it would have been easier to list events that were not cancelled than trying to keep up with all of the announcements for things that were being discontinued due to COVID-19 concerns. This occurred right as many workers around the country were being told to stay home and neither the Town nor local schools had made official decisions on closures.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve learned that would have actually been a very appropriate headline. While not everything has been cancelled and not all businesses have closed shop due to recommendations from experts and statewide measures, Arizona is basically shut down for the time being. Locally, all major events have gone out the door until further notice and everything from the Community Center to the library has been closed to public use.

With all of that in mind, Times staff is doing its best to get every announcement in front of its readers, though there are undoubtedly updates that will fall through the cracks. The New York Times once used the slogan, “All the news that’s fit to print.” That was later reworked into a parody of, “All the news that fits.” With a slimmer paper in the coming weeks, we’re once again met with something said in jest that’s starting to ring true.

The Times will run as much information as possible in each issue, but more regular updates will roll out at fhtimes.com as they become available. Things continue to change rapidly so, if you have a specific question (Is my club meeting? Is a restaurant open for takeout?) and you haven’t read anything about it yet, remember that your answer may be found more quickly online or with a quick phone call.

As a final reminder, the paywall at fhtimes.com has been discontinued through this crisis, so don’t fret about article limits in the coming weeks. Head online, read up and stay informed.