We all know that 2020 has been a challenging year. Between the health crisis, the resulting economic downturn and political uncertainty, we have all been impacted in various ways. Fountain Hills’ small business owners, particularly those in sectors that were forced to close due to the pandemic, have been among the hardest hit segments of our community.

In a typical year, we would encourage our residents to “shop local” by making your purchases or buying gift cards at our “brick and mortar” stores and restaurants during the holiday season. We still encourage you to shop at these stores in our town to the extent possible. Those dollars spent at our stores are not only crucial to sustaining these small businesses, but the corresponding tax revenues allow the town to provide the level of service that our residents expect.

While we encourage you to support our brick and mortar businesses, we know some of you are still not comfortable going into stores during the pandemic. If you aren’t comfortable going to stores at this time, we ask that you consider working with other small businesses in town for a unique gift-giving experience.

What do we mean by unique gift-giving? For instance, how about giving the gift of health and wellness? This could include a massage, chiropractic treatment, gym membership, or a deep cleaning of a friend or loved one’s home. Or, what about giving the gift of recreation in the outdoors? An off-road tour of our region or a round of golf would likely be well-received. For the person who is now working from home, how about hiring a handyman to make their workspace more functional, perhaps adding some shelving? There are also many independent sales consultants in town that can safely assist you in selecting just the right gift from their company. Finally, in anticipation of a post-pandemic world, how about providing the elements of a great night on the town – like a restaurant gift card and theater tickets?

All of these services and more can be found in Fountain Hills. We know there is a lot of creativity in our community, and we hope you will use that creativity to select a great gift, while also supporting our local small businesses.

The Chamber and the Town are in the process of compiling a list of businesses willing to offer specials during this time, and it will be placed on both the Chamber and Town websites. As you consider your holiday gift-giving, we hope you will take a look at the list and support our friends and neighbors.

Let’s help our businesses “Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow!” Happy holidays!