Dr. Kachel was born in Pennsylvania March 22, 1927. His parents were Charles E. Kachel and Helen Alberta (Klischer) Kachel. He earned three degrees: B.A., M.Div., and M.D. Dr. Kachel served six years in the military as Lt. (MC) U.S.N. and 30 years as a family physician and senior medical examiner for the F.A.A. in Scottsdale.

He retired and moved to Fountain Hills where his interests were in art and science.

He wishes to leave behind this observation as an epitaph. “Scientific knowledge now doubles every three years, while understanding life evolves and increases very slowly by savoring and embracing a new experience daily. Welcome the promise and beauty of every sunrise and sunset because you live one more day.”

A celebration of life will be scheduled for October.