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With many of their events set to look a little different this year the Fountain Hills High School Student Government is using Falcon-themed masks to help raise funds for the school year.

StuGo came up with the idea to sell the Falcon Pride masks before the school year began.

“StuGo actually came up with the idea to start selling masks back over during our summer meetings and started working on getting that done right away,” Student Body President Dani Meyers said. “We have been working hard with the Keating brothers (FHHS teachers and alumni) on getting the website up and running since then. The main design was done by Sarah Wagner and Gianna Barker, with the help of the Keatings as well.”

Unable to use their usual fundraising methods, proceeds from mask sales will go to StuGo events like prom.

“The funds from the masks will go toward our club to help with some fundraising, especially for prom 2021, since many of our usual methods have to be altered this year,” Meyers explained. “This pandemic has affected StuGo in so many ways, as most of our events often include activities that involve food and are not socially distanced. This year we have had to change almost all of our regularly scheduled events and brainstorm some new ways to bring pep and spirit to the school.”

Black and blue Falcon Pride masks can be purchased online at