The Fountain Hills High School pom team is more talented than you probably realize. Over the last two weeks, the cheerleaders have performed dance routines created by their own teammates.

Hailey Robinson was the first to plan choreography for the team. It started last year, when she was a freshman and head coach Gianna Wilson was out on maternity leave. Robinson started working on a routine and fellow sophomore Hannah Mowers joined in.

Robinson and Mowers spent about a month designing and teaching their teammates the “Money Maker” routine this year. The pom team performed the underclassmen’s choreography during halftime of the Falcons’ home game against Payson on Sept. 16.

“It just took a while to learn,” Mowers said. “It was a little difficult in the beginning, but as we kept doing it, it got easier and easier, and I liked it.”

Robinson and Mowers weren’t the only ones to try their hands at show design. Juniors Madison Sweeny, Hunter Conaway and Elle Young also came up with a routine that the team performed on homecoming night, Sept. 24.

“We knew since it was homecoming, we wanted to get the crowd hyped and involved,” Conaway said. “So, we did 2000’s hip hop.”

The juniors’ show was called “Run It,” and only took about two weeks to prepare. It was a long two weeks, however, because the girls practiced at 6 a.m. before school four of the five days of homecoming week.

The team also practiced after school and occasionally during lunch. The three juniors shared videos between themselves to help teach their team and they were adjusting the routine up until the day before the performance.

The pom team members said all their hard work was worthwhile after they performed in front of a home crowd. They also said that Wilson helped them through encouragement and made them feel more comfortable as leaders.

“It is always a great experience to watch my students choreograph and teach their peers,” Wilson said. “They always come up with new and exciting ideas that push the team to new levels. I am a very lucky coach to have a team of 17 hardworking and talented young ladies.”

All five of the girls who designed choreography have at one point or another danced for a studio. Several of them, and several of their teammates, still dance, primarily for Kelly’s Dance Academy in Fountain Hills.

Dance is important and fun to these girls. They want to continue performing and cheering during football games, and they are excited for the possibility to design more choreography in the future. Pay attention at the next home game and see what the pom team has in store.