At the June 10 Fountain Hills Unified School District Governing Board meeting, Jan Goodman and other members of the Fountain Hills Pickleball Club executive board were in attendance to give those in attendance an update on construction on the club’s new court.

“I would say it is about 80 percent finished right now,” Goodman said. “In the next few weeks lights should be going up.”

The new court, built with board permission and funds raised by the Pickleball Club, is located just south of the courts already in use at Fountain Hills High School by Golden Eagle Park.

“We are hoping with these new courts, that we can make more slots available for different levels of play,” Goodman explained. “Sometimes we can have as many as 30 people show up for one time.”

The Pickleball Club broke 400 members this year, one of the few years they have gotten a 10 percent increase in membership. The club also presented the school board with a donation of $500 for district use at the meeting.