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The Golden Eagle Education Foundation’s Giving program helped a handful of Fountain Hills Unified School District teachers realize some of their most creative ideas for the classroom this fall.

This Golden Eagle program works by having the board consider funding for creative and innovative projects submitted by classroom teachers.

The board looks for projects that impact a significant number of students, are designed to enhance learning and would not be funded by traditional means.

For Fountain Hills High School this year, Golden Eagle award funding to the Life Skills program to help students landscape their school garden with drought resistant plants.

At the middle school funds were given to the fourth grade class to purchase “The Escape Classroom” activity kits. The kits provide hands-on activities for the kids that require problem solving, prior knowledge and teamwork.

At McDowell Mountain, the funds provided by Golden Eagle will create a Listening Center in the music room. The center will expose students to a variety of music and have them draw based on what they are hearing.

Funds were also awarded to the STEM program at McDowall Mountain for the purchase of Sphero Robots to further develop students’ computer skills.

Since 2006 the Golden Eagle Education Foundation Giving program has donated over $49,000. For more information on the program, visit