The Fountain Hills Unified School District Governing Board discussed revisions to Policy JJJ – Extracurricular Activity Eligibility, at its meeting last Tuesday, May 10. This was the first of two required policy readings.

Fountain Hills High School Athletic Director Evelyn Wynn organized a committee of parents, coaches and guidance counselors to make adjustments to policy JJJ. The proposed changes make academic requirements more rigorous on students, but they also provide opportunities to regain eligibility should a student lose it.

Student athletes will have their grades checked each Friday, as opposed to every other Friday as previously stated in JJJ, and a failing grade in any class will result in a one-week suspension from competition. The suspension would start the day after the grade check and would last seven days.

Student athletes must do two things to regain eligibility. They must raise their failing grade to a passing level, and they must attend and receive confirmation they attended either two Booster Slub tutoring sessions, or two reteach opportunities.

If a student athlete has a failing grade for two weeks in a row, they will lose practice privileges but be required to do homework and make up class work at practices. If a student has a failing grade for three weeks straight, they will be cut from their team and parents/guardians will not receive reimbursement for extracurricular fees.

Wynn can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for students that are sick for multiple days or have other unique circumstances. Student athletes will also receive a warning if they have a “D” letter grade in any class.

Some of the regulations of the policy remained unchanged. Student athletes are required to be in attendance for an entire day to compete on that day, however, verified medical appointments count as excused absences.

The principal or designee may determine a student athlete’s eligibility in regard to discipline, excessive absences or excessive tardies. Students who lose credit to excessive absences or discipline may be assigned a grade of “WF” (withdraw fail) for that course and become ineligible for the remainder of that season or academic period.

Any student athlete who is in possession of drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia, or look-alikes can and will be removed from their teams for the remainder of the season after one instance. After a second occurrence, in addition to consequences outlined in the parent/student handbook, students will lose athletic eligibility for one calendar year.