On April 7, the Arizona Board of Regents approved a rise in tuition and fees across the three state public universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona.

ASU is increasing tuition for current students and incoming students by 2.5%. Out-of-state students at ASU will see their tuition rise by 4%. The tuition for 2022-23 for in-state resident undergrads will be $10,878, and graduate tuition will be $12,014. Online tuition fees will increase by 2% at ASU.

NAU and UA will only increase tuitions for incoming students. NAU will raise tuition by 3.5%, so an undergraduate student will pay $11,024 and graduate students will pay $11,390 in 2022-23.

UA’s tuition will increase by 2%. Undergraduate tuition next year will be $11,525 and graduate tuition will be $12,348.

The Board of Regents also approved changes in mandatory fees across the three schools. ASU and NAU only had a mandatory increase for the Financial Aid Trust Fund. UA also had an increase for the Financial Aid Trust Fund, but also increases to their student services fee and health and recreation fee.

Housing fees increased by at least 3% at each school. ASU raised the cost of meal plans by 4.13% and NAU increased their meal plan cost by 3.9%.

The Arizona Promise Grant (AZP) was introduced recently and went into effect this Spring with students who were admitted in the fall of 2021. The AZP will cover the difference between tuition fees and all other aid the student receives.

To qualify, students must file a free application form for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have an Expected Family Contribution score of zero, as calculated by FAFSA. Students must also be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and hold a minimum 2.5 core GPA. Students must also live in Arizona and entering their first year of college to qualify.

The three public Arizona Universities provided more than $1 billion in aid in fiscal year 2021. The AZP is the newest lower-cost pathway to affordable education in Arizona.