Vision Fountain Hills has launched a new website with a renewed effort to create opportunities for the people of Fountain Hills to “engage with each other in meaningful and impactful ways on matters that are important to the vitality of our town.”

For decades residents, employees, volunteers and business owners in Fountain Hills have worked together as they voiced their opinions and shared their ideas to help shape Fountain Hills into the town it has become today. They have worked together utilizing focus groups, workshops and community surveys to collect the input of Fountain Hills residents and come up with solutions to build the town and fulfill the needs of our community.

Community members are invited to visit, which was created to be a community resource where visitors will find information on a variety of topics that are deemed important to Fountain Hills. Visitors will also be encouraged to share their perspective on topics of interest.

“Each of us has different needs, knowledge and perspectives of what would make Fountain Hills a great place to live,” reads a statement prepared by Vision Fountain Hills. “We want you to know that this website is a place for you to share those needs, offer your ideas, ask questions and provide feedback on various topics.

“Once you have shared your perspective, your ideas will be collected with others to create easy-to-read reports that will be shared online and available for people to utilize when making decisions for our community.”

The first project on the site launches Aug. 10, the Fountain Hills Satisfaction Survey. This particular project is designed to find out how satisfied residents are with priority and daily elements in the community. Visitors will also find upcoming projects with a variety of topics, so those interested are encouraged to visit the site often to continue to be heard in a variety of ways.

“We encourage everyone who calls Fountain Hills their home or workplace to invest in your town by sharing your voice through this resource,” continues the statement. “Engage with VisionFH. The more people of Fountain Hills that get involved, the better credibility impact we will be able to make. Let’s continue to work together and generate ideas that will make a positive impact and create a vibrant future for Fountain Hills.”

Vision Fountain Hills was organized through the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association to elaborate on its mission to preserve and enhance the qualities of Fountain Hills. The group aims to engage with the community in ways that are meaningful and impactful to the town.

For questions or to share ideas, send an email to to be considered for an upcoming project on the new website’s resource page. This page is designed by residents in Fountain Hills for residents and employees within Fountain Hills to voice their needs and build the community.