The Trailblazers, the organization responsible for building and maintaining many hiking trails in the area, are about to start a new season of projects.

The group will concentrate first on trail maintenance, followed by building the third phase of the Ridgeline Trail.

Maintenance will be held Saturdays in October beginning Oct. 3.

Group Leader Bill Craig is asking for current crew leaders, as well as anyone who would like to become a crew leader to join the maintenance group. Suggestions for current crew leaders and instructions for new crew leaders will be reviewed. Those instructions will be followed during the October maintenance activity.

Craig and Jim Grajek will lead the October group.

Grajek will continue with a group to complete maintenance on what is needed on any trail starting Nov. 7. Craig will take three groups to work on the Ridgeline Trail.

Due to COVID-19, Craig said he will limit the new trail building crews to three groups of three people. Crew leaders will be one of the three people.

He said he will try to alternate interested people each week.

Those interested in working on the Ridgeline Trail are asked to contact Craig,

Craig said he is setting up a trail steward program to follow up on maintenance from the 2020 season. Not counting the Ridgeline Trail, there are seven trails needing stewards.

The steward would be responsible for doing light maintenance on his or her trail at least twice a year or as needed. The light maintenance should be able to be handled by one or two people, but heavier work should be reported to Craig so a crew can be assigned.

Those interested in becoming a trail steward also should contact Craig at