New seal

Southwest Slurry rolls out a new seal surface on Palisades Boulevard.

The Town Council has approved a cooperative purchase agreement with Southwest Slurry Seal for upcoming planned street pavement maintenance.

The contract amount is for $400,000, with some of that to be used during the current fiscal year, according to Public Works Director Justin Weldy.

“$250,000 to $350,000 will be available to use in June,” Weldy said.

Slurry seal is a surface treatment designed to extend the life of asphalt pavement in good condition and is considered a cost effective treatment when applied at the right time. It provides skid resistance, prevents moisture intrusion and protects the pavement structure from further oxidation and reveling, according to Weldy.

The cooperative arrangement is with the Pinal County contract with Southwest.

Streets currently slated to receive slurry seal are in the North Heights neighborhood and some SunRidge Canyon streets.

The council was unanimous in its approval of the agreement.