The Town Council will be considering appointment of someone to fill the remainder of the term of Councilwoman Sherry Leckrone when it meets on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Leckrone resigned unexpectedly when she recently had to move out of Fountain Hills. She had been appointed in 2018 to fill the remainder of the term of Councilman Cecil Yates, who resigned to run for mayor. That term expires with the council first regular session in December.

Town Code and state law require someone be appointed to fill the remainder of that term.

The council will hold a public hearing and consider a Zoning Ordinance amendment to add a new chapter with provisions for a Planned Shopping Plaza Overlay.

Also, there will be a hearing and consideration of a proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment to allow indoor mini-storage within the C-2 zoning district with a special use permit.

The council will consider proposed changes to the Town Code related to the Health and Sanitation section related to property and landscape maintenance.

According to the staff report, the changes would improve staff’s ability to address issues that arise related to property and landscape maintenance.

Also on the agenda is a proposed first amendment to the town’s Cooperative Purchase Agreement with M.R. Tanner Construction related to street maintenance.

Staff is proposing to increase the number of streets to received maintenance during the current fiscal year. Funding is available.

The Town Council will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers at Town Hall. The session is open to the public with ongoing requirements for face covering and distancing per COVID-19 emergency orders.