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It’s possible you could order a drink at Eagle Mountain Golf Club thinking the bartender looked familiar.

Because Tori Osborn has worked at Eagle Mountain for 17 years, it’s also possible that you know her.

But if you don’t frequent the golf club restaurant, there is another reason you might feel like you had met the young woman before.

That would be because you could have seen her on the big screen, the little screen or streaming someplace.

Osborn, along with her bartending gig, is an actor. She has 25 film credits to her name, along with several commercials and a music video. One of her short films, “The Bank Robbery,” has won six awards.

“Acting is a passion for me,” Osborn said when asked about her side job. “It’s just fun for me.”

She started acting in high school and has continued. At first, she was learning the craft and doing the work for free.

“Then I started getting paid,” she said. “So that makes it a little more fun.”

Osborn said the Arizona film world is starting to pick up after several years of inactivity. Most of her work has been done in the state, but she has been researching opportunities in New Mexico, which she calls a “hot market.”

She said she is not especially interested in the Los Angeles/Hollywood scene, saying there are plenty of prospects here and in other places.

“L.A. is another world,” Osborn said. “It’s just a bit much.”

Osborn has built a far-reaching network of film people who have helped her in her career.

“The film community is close,” she said. “The industry shouldn’t be a competition. The competition is only with yourself. I want to book paid roles and push myself. That drives me.”

Osborn, a pretty, brown-eyed brunette, has a number of possibilities in upcoming films. She has been talking with a casting director for a Netflix movie to be made in Albuquerque.

“This is when things get a little challenging,” she said. “I am a single mom with three kids. I’ll figure it out. If it’s meant to be, it will work out.”

Her children are six, 10 and 13. They love that their mother is in movies.

“My 10-year-old was cast in one of the movies I was in,” she said. “He enjoyed it a lot, and he got paid.”

She said she isn’t opposed to her children getting the acting bug, but she added she doesn’t want to be a “momager.”

“I’ll support them in any way I can, but I’m not going to push it,” she said.

Osborn’s movies are varied. Often, she is cast as a mom or a wife. In a special project called “Secret Superhero,” she plays a mother who is addicted to opioids and loses her children.

“That was an amazing project,” she said. “I am really proud of that one.”

Osborn’s film credits can be found at There are several trailers to see her work.

Osborn has cut back her time working at Eagle Mountain to three days a week. In addition to her acting work, she also found time during the pandemic to get her aesthetician license, so she manages to offer specialized treatments to clients. Additionally, she is wardrobe stylist for Scott Hays Photography in Scottsdale, specializing in actor head shots.

“I’m busy,” she said. “But I am really happy. And really blessed.”