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Residents are being encouraged to participate in the 11th annual Make a Difference Day event, the largest single volunteer effort of the year in Fountain Hills.

Residents are asked to get out and lend a hand to help a neighbor in need during the event on Saturday, Oct. 26. Hundreds of volunteers will gather for a common mission – to improve the lives of their neighbors in the community.

This year the organizing committee is working with local service, civic and religious groups to take on the numerous projects. Town staff is taking a more advisory approach for the event this year.

“This program is a signature event for the Town of Fountain Hills and is a wonderful way to give back to our great community,” Community Services Director Rachael Goodwin said. “Unfortunately this year’s event has encountered a few hurdles and is undergoing significant transition due to the retirement of Heather Ware, our volunteer coordinator.

“The town will not be acting as the organizer as we have in the past. We will continue to lead the efforts to match the projects with willing groups.”

However, this year each group taking on a project is responsible for “owning” the project. They will provide their own tools, supplies and clean-up efforts.

“This is a big change but the committee and staff feel this is the best way to tackle the challenge this year,” Goodwin said.

Organizers said this event is about neighbors helping neighbors – and Fountain Hills residents have stepped up to make this event special enough to earn national recognition for the community. This makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable residents as well as those volunteers who participate. Anyone wishing to join in Make a Difference Day should contact one of the local churches or one of the service clubs to see about participating in a project.