Anyone who has been following the news at or on our Facebook page has probably noticed that there were a lot of additional updates this past week. We’re doing our best to run all timely stories as soon as they are written in order to make sure Fountain Hills residents have the latest information.

That information is more vital than ever, which is why The Times has made a temporary change to its online news service.

As of March 20, The Times has deactivated paywall features. What that means is that everyone can get the news – all of the news – without a subscription in the coming days and potentially weeks.

The Times welcomes new subscribers and hope to maintain those we currently have, as we feel the job our staff is doing and the information we are providing has value. But during these trying times, we don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t stay informed due to a subscription.

Thank you, as always, for relying on The Times to keep you informed and please remember to visit or subscribe to our 4:30 newsletter for the latest updates.