Construction will begin on the roundabout intersection at La Montana Drive and Avenue of the Fountains on Monday, July 6, and with that is a complete closure of the intersection for the duration of construction.

The contract has a schedule of 75 days, meaning the closure can be expected to last to mid-September at a minimum, according to Public Works Director Justin Weldy.

“It is very difficult to force people to one side or another to accommodate the construction,” Weldy said. “There is no convenient time to do this work.”

Barricades will go up by midnight Sunday, July 5. Demolition work that entails the removal of signs, curbing, gutters and asphalt will begin the morning of July 6. The Avenue Plaza landscaping that includes a statue will be removed and the statue relocated farther back in conjunction with the work.

The contractor is scheduled to work Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to about 3:30 to 4 p.m. with some Saturday work, according to Weldy. The 75-day schedule does allow for some weather delay due to the potential for monsoon storms. There is no plan to allow for temporary opening of the intersection to traffic while workers are not on site.

Weldy said the contractor states the complete closure will allow the work to be completed in a timelier manner.

The most significant access issue for the public is likely the Post Office. All traffic will need to approach the Post Office from the west on Avenue of the Fountains. Exiting the facility will be by the same drive with a left turn.

Access to the postal drop boxes on La Montana will remain, but access will be from northbound La Montana only with exit in the southbound direction.

Westbound Avenue of the Fountains will be closed at Verde River Drive. Access to business on the Avenue will be from the rear parking lot with its driveways off Verde River Drive and La Montana.