ABC TV News in Phoenix is reporting that Ismail Hamed of Fountain Hills has been released from jail pending his trial on terrorism charges, which has been continued until May 2020. The Times has not independently confirmed the news. It is known that a hearing on his custody status was scheduled for Thursday morning.

According to the report, Judge Sally Duncan ordered that Hamed is to be held under an electronic monitor under house arrest at the home of his parents. The release includes restrictions that he is not to leave the residence without his parents and he is to have no access to the internet. His family will be required to password protect all electronic devices in the home. He will only be able to use the phone to talk with his attorney.

Hamed was wounded during an alleged attack on a Sheriff’s Sgt. in the parking lot of the MCSO substation in Fountain Hills in January. He allegedly threw rocks at the deputy and threatened him with a knife.

Hamed reportedly called 911 asking for a deputy and allegedly said he wanted to discuss turmoil in the Middle East. When he made contact with the deputy a confrontation took place in which Hamed was shot by the deputy.

The FBI joined the investigation immediately due to Hamed’s request to talk about the Middle East. Evidence led prosecutors to ask for and receive two counts on state terrorism charges.

Investigators believe that Hamed was being radicalized by ISIS contacts via the internet.