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More than 14 inches of precipitation fell in Fountain Hills over 2019, making it a little more than average in the community.

The Times has compiled an array of weather facts for the past year based on readings received from the Town of Fountain Hills’ weather station at Fountain Park. There can be a wide range of differences within the town, stretching from the eastern face of the McDowell Mountains to flat terrain approaching the Verde River east of town.

Rainfall totaled 14.61 inches as collected at the park, with February being the wettest month receiving 4.36 inches. February also had the wettest day with 1.9 inches on Feb. 21. Those in town might remember that is also the date of the snowfall in the community.

The months of June, July and October all had no rainfall recorded.

It goes back almost a year to find the coldest low temperature for the year. It was Jan. 1, 2019 and Feb. 19, 2019 that the overnight low for those dates was 31 degrees.

On Aug. 5, the high temperature was 114 degrees, the highest recorded in town last year.

The lowest high temperature occurred on Feb. 27, when it was 47 degrees.

The highest low temperature for 2019 was on August 7, and was 94 degrees.