together march

A group organized as Together We Care marched through downtown Fountain Hills Thursday afternoon to protest police brutality toward black citizens across the country.

The group, approaching 200 in number, gathered at the Fountain Park amphitheater as temperatures neared 110 degrees. Sherisa Momoh, one of the organizers, said they were gathered to stand in support and solidarity.

“This march is nothing but peaceful,” Momoh said. “We want to educate and turn things around for Fountain Hills.”

Gina Woods said she has lived in town her entire life and just graduated Fountain Hills High School.

“Being black in Fountain Hills is not comfortable,” Woods said.

She also said the group was demanding justice for all the black lives taken by police brutality.

Mayor Ginny Dickey was on hand to comment on the protest.

“As parents, what do we want for our kids? That they are happy and healthy, of course, but also involved, thoughtful, contributing members of the community,” Dickey said. “How about educators? They hope to ignite curiosity, a desire for truth-seeking and life-long learning.

“We have all this and more, illustrated by this group of students from our own Fountain Hills schools, Together We Care, who were moved to express themselves peacefully after the killing of George Floyd.”

As the group crossed Saguaro Blvd. and marched south toward Avenue of the Fountains they made shouted for justice and named the names of many who have died under questionable circumstances in recent years, with Floyd being the most recent.

A handful of counter protestors waving flags and blowing a whistle marched mostly side-by-side with the group.