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When the Pony Express rode into town last week it was carrying with it letters from 13 government officials offering the Town of Fountain Hills congratulations on the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the community.

Mayor Ginny Dickey announced that there were well wishes from several mayors in the state, as well as letters from the office of U.S. Senator Martha McSally, Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri and President Bernadine Burnette of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.

The mayors included Ernie Bunch from Cave Creek; John Giles from the City of Mesa; The Town of Superior’s Mayor Mila Besich; Georgia Lord, City of Goodyear; Our neighbor Jim Lane from Scottsdale; City of Chandler’s Mayor Kevin Hartke; Jerry Bien-Willner from the Town of Paradise Valley; Camp Verde’s Charlie German; Cal Sheehy, Mayor of Lake Havasu City; and City of Maricopa’s Christian Price.

Dickey read portions of some of the messages at the Pony Express arrival on Thursday, Feb. 6. Following are excerpts from the collection of letters:

“Fountain Hills is a unique community with beautiful surroundings, a place your residents must be proud of.”

“Cited as ‘a welcome oasis on the outskirts of a metropolis,’ the Fountain is one of the Town’s greatest treasures, a well-known symbol for many Arizonans.”

“I fondly remember coming down the Beeline in the 70s and seeing your landmark marking the outer edges of civilization. I’m sure that if the Pony Express still ran weekly deliveries, the Fountain would’ve been a welcome sight for the exhausted riders.”

“Congratulations to the volunteer committee who have been hard at work planning activities.”

“The Fountain is a gem that we adore seeing when we visit your town.”

“It is fitting that another significant tradition, the Pony Express, delivers our good tidings.”

“Every town should be so lucky to have such a beloved and recognizable gathering space.”

“I remember when the Fountain was installed, it was a real treat to visit as a child and brings back fond memories. Since then, every time I travel in the area, I check my watch to see if I will catch sight of the Fountain.”

“The Fountain has served as a beacon for many a visitor looking for the unique character that makes our region special.”

“We share the same founding father whose entrepreneurial spirit spurred the growth of both our communities. It’s why our residents embrace our towns as their destination choice.”

“FH has become a jewel in the desert and your citizens should be delighted with your progress and vision…having the Pony Express deliver the commemorative letters is a true honor to your past.”

“Since it began operating in 1970, our tribal members have considered it our landmark, too. At the top of the hour we see the magnificent water rise high over the surrounding landscape. It has come to symbolize the Northeast Valley in the same way as our natural landmarks…impressive and beautiful.”

Dickey said the letters were appreciated as the town continues its year-long celebration.

“The envelopes, postmarked by the Pony Express, and the letters in their entirety will become part of the town’s 50th Anniversary display for all to enjoy,” Dickey said. “We are honored by the attention and congratulations from our Arizona community.”