MCSO Capt. Larry Kratzer has alerted the Town Council that the Sheriff’s Office is seeing a new uptick in complaints about rental party houses in the community, as nights begin to cool down again. He said they have been getting calls from residents over the past few weeks.

Kratzer said there are several things the public should understand about these events and what deputies are able to do. If someone has a complaint or concern about activity going on in the neighborhood, they should call the MCSO non-emergency contact number of 602-876-1011.

Deputies will make contact and work with those hosting to reach compliance with any nuisance concerns that are observed. These include noise, loitering, traffic and parking.

“These are things that can be enforced, and we encourage people to let us know about this activity,” Kratzer said. “Most of the time a simple contact will resolve the issue.”

Callers should provide as much information as possible and it is important that those with complaints be willing to aid with any prosecution.

Kratzer also said that Airbnb seems to be taking active steps worldwide to address party houses and nuisance properties under their authority. He said residents should consider making complaints through the Airbnb website.

Kratzer said deputies can not take any action regarding COVID-19 restrictions related to size of crowd outside or on private residential property.

On a separate but timely topic, Kratzer had a reminder for citizens – it is a class 2 misdemeanor to remove or damage political signs on public property (rights of way). If someone has a concern regarding safety or line of sight issues related to signs, they should contact MCSO or the town to have Code Enforcement address the issue.

MCSO received several calls related to specific sign tampering near Palisades and Shea boulevards in the past couple of weeks.