town hall

The Town Council has approved an amendment to its cooperative purchase agreement with Climatec, LLC for the installation of additional security cameras to serve town-owned facilities.

With its original agreement approved in fiscal year 2017/18, Climatec has installed security cameras at the Community Center, Town Hall, Fountain Park, Four Peaks Park, Golden Eagle Park and Cutillo Civic Plaza.

“The installation of cameras has aided in the reduction of vandalism and provided video evidence of suspect engaged in vandalism,” the staff report states.

The proposed amendment adds $31,683.39 to the purchase agreement and allow for the next phase of the installation which is to upgrade equipment at Town Hall and Golden Eagle Park.

“The town has experienced costly vandalism of bathrooms, park facilities and theft of public art in the parks,” the staff report states. “This contract will install additional video cameras and continue to improve security at the parks for the safety of residents and employees.”

Councilman David Spelich asked whether the video equipment could be used by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies in real time while on patrol. Public Works Director Justin Weldy said he did not know the answer but would find out and respond to the councilman.

In response to a question from Councilman Gerry Friedel, staff said cameras are being installed at Adero Canyon Trailhead and Desert Vista Park.

Vice Mayor Alan Magazine asked how the video is used for follow-up.

Community Services Director Rachael Goodwin said the cameras have been able to provide evidence and identification needed for prosecuting vandalism.

Goodwin also noted that while many of the cameras are openly visible to provide deterrent, in some instances the cameras are not readily seen.

The council was unanimous in approving the agreement.