Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office brought its helicopter into Fountain Hills early Monday morning to search for a person who was missing following a motorcycle crash in the 16500 block of Fayette Drive.

Deputies received the report of the crash around 3 a.m. They located a motorcycle that apparently had crashed into a fire hydrant, they found a helmet but could locate no driver.

In searching the area, they located an individual who reported he was a passenger on the motorcycle and knocked on the door of a residence to seek help. He said he only knew the first name of the driver. The man was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Upon further investigation deputies determined the motorcycle was registered to a Mesa resident and MCSO requested Mesa Police check at the address. They were told by the vehicle owner he was unaware his motorcycle had been stolen overnight.

The helicopter search was unable to locate the missing driver. It is unknown whether he is injured.