Deputies take up positions on Edgeworth Drive.

(This story has been updated with additional information, as provided by MCSO.)

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office called out a major response in Fountain Hills at about midday on Monday, April 12. It has now been determined to be a “Swatting” incident.

At about 12:15 p.m., MCSO received a call to dispatch from a male caller on a blocked line. The caller claimed he was at a residence located in the 14200 block of E. Edgeworth Drive. He advised that he had shot his teenage daughter and would shoot deputies when they responded, according to Capt. Larry Kratzer, commander for MCSO District 7 based in Fountain Hills.

“Patrol deputies from Fountain Hills and a nearby patrol district responded, as well as MCSO SWAT Team and MCSO’s helicopter,” Kratzer said. “Local schools were placed on lockdown until the situation was resolved.”

The investigation determined that the call was bogus, and no shooting incident had occurred and was likely a “Swatting” incident.

“The person that the caller identified himself as was a person who resided at the address several years ago, however, had no affiliation to the call and did not know his name was being used,” Kratzer said. “The current resident of the address was also unaware that someone had used their address for this call and allowed MCSO deputies to search the home to ensure there was no victim or suspect in the home.

“No shooting incident occurred at the address as alleged. Deputies checked with nearby residents as well for additional information, but nothing was learned.”

Fountain Hills Unified School District reported a “soft” lockdown had occurred at the elementary school and the middle school.

“We were informed by the MCSO that both the elementary and middle schools needed to be in a “soft” lockdown due to a significant police issue close to both schools,” the district said in a statement released to parents. “A soft lockdown involves all students being in the building but not restricted to a particular area.”